Meet the Taylor Steele of wave pool videos…

Chris Monroe is excitable. Which is refreshing in an era of surf edits blanched with rights-free music and predictable quick cuts. Mr. Monroe narrates the action as it happens. Which, isn’t really necessary. The viewer can see exactly what is going on. It would be annoying, but when Chris throws out an “oh my gosh look at that” or an “oooh smoookified” it’s infectious, transporting the viewer to the beach. Or in our case, poolside.

Chris is the one-person-show behind Beefs TV, a growing YouTube entity with 100K subscribers. The content revolves around Blair Conklin (LINK HERE) Kalani Robb and anyone else on the Catch Surf team. The other stars of his videos are Lower Trestles, The Wedge, Mysto Laguna skimboard breaks and a growing number of wave pools. He’s been feeding the Instagram-sphere heaps of Palm Springs Surf Club footage lately. And we are thankful for that.

Jamie OBrien by Chris Monroe
Fellow YouTuber Jamie O’Brien is often a Beef’s TV subject

What pools have you shot?
I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot BSR in Waco twice and Palm Springs Surf Club test pool three times.

Any favorite sessions?
Every time is fun, but my first time at PSSC I got to Boogieboard and Womper the slab wave with just Kalani Robb and myself for about an hour! That was pretty insane!

What challenges does each present – or are there any?
As far as shooting them, it is pretty easy. The waves are always perfect, four-feet and glassy! Haha. I’ve noticed when riding both waves it’s a touch more tricky because knowing where to the lineup on the different wave styles is critical for getting the proper take-off to line yourself up for a tube or section. You learn quickly though!

remote control surfer
Chris often films his friend Kalani Robb, or in this case, Kalani’s remote control surfer.

You work with Blair and Catchsurf quite a bit – why those guys?
Oh yeah always shooting the Catch Surf crew not only because we are a pretty tight-knit crew but because I work for them as well. I’m fortunate to have an eclectic crew of shredders to film with! 

Best pool memories so far and where do you look forward to shooting in the future?
Probably the PSSC session with Kalani I mentioned above, or my first session at Waco or even the one with the remote control Surfer at PSSC. Heck, every session has been my favorite at all the wave pools!!! Haha. Always a good time!

You can check out Chris’ YouTube channel here at this link. See below for five of his favorite wave pool videos.