New drone footage shows Virginia Beach progress

Atlantic Park, set to rise on the grounds of the old Virginia Beach Dome, is a development championed by Pharrell Williams. This ambitious project will boast a 2.67-acre Wavegarden Cove that will produce waves from 1-6ft (0.3-1.8m) and cater to novice and advanced surfers. 

Wave pool vets Beach Street Development is working with Venture Realty to bring surf to the much-anticipated project.

“Venture Realty is doing an amazing job navigating any obstacles and is determined to bring the first Wavegarden Cove to the United States as quickly as possible,” said Blake Hess of Beach Street Development. “Beach Street is excited to be working with Venture through the planning of the surf-related aspects of the project and is working hard to prepare for the eventual opening.”

Alongside the surf park, Atlantic Park will feature a mix of unique dining options, innovative retail spaces, residential and office units, and cutting-edge entertainment facilities designed for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment.

Drone footage shows the artist’s renders coming to life at the Virginia Beach wave pool. Images Matt Bagwell and Atlantic Park.

But the real excitement at the moment is the great drone work by area photographer Matt Bagwell who has been documenting the evolution of the project.

“Right now they are in the process of draining all of the water out of the wave pool area from the rain that we’ve had lately,” said Matt. “I expect more building and concrete laying to begin with the wave pool in the next two weeks. Just the first of this week they started bringing in equipment and materials to that area now that it’s been drained.”

Matt’s the UPS driver where this site is being built and has built a relationship with the builders and the developers. He’s also been surfing in the area for the past 35 years and welcomes the chance to have consistent waves.

“We don’t have the greatest or best surf in the world so a venue like this that will be year-round and bring the recognition to our city and state is incredible,” added Matt. “I see where it’s going to do a lot of help as far as the recognition of who we are.”

You can check out more of Matt Bagwell’s work at this link. If you want more detailed information on the projects, check out our podcast with Blake Hess and get behind-the-scenes insight into the process of running a surf park