New fin system by Kelly will float in the pool

Kelly Slater and Firewire just launched eco-themed Endorfins, a new carbon twill build with very specific flex patterns and weight properties. The new line is made of a layered ultralight carbon veil over a P.E.T core (yes they float) and is designed to stay put in fin boxes so they won’t come loose and litter the ocean (or pool) floor.

“Kelly has always had a deep relationship and passion for fins being that they are a critical component of board design and performance,” said Slater Designs in a statement. “We wanted to bring this to life by launching a fin brand driven by Kelly’s vision of performance and eco-responsibility.”

Endorfins are designed to be screwed into the fin box to secure the base of the fin. The makers say this helps “allow the carbon flex patterns to truely come to life.”

Each set is built with a base that is compatible with either FCSII or Futures boxes. The Futures compatible base on Endorfins will work just like a fin built by Futures with a Futures base. The FCSII compatible base will require two screws that will come with the fins. Endorfins with FCSII compatible bases will not click in and click out.

The design of these fins is the culmination of Kelly’s many years and extensive experience with a variety of designs and templates.

You can find out more here.