BSR call for Director of Surf Experience heralds new niche market

The wave pool industry is growing. What is niche today won’t always be that weird thing that’s difficult to explain to relatives over the Holidays. Your uncle won’t harrass you when you say you’re a Wave DJ – “well what kinda music is that?” Today there are only a handful of jobs at the world’s limited number of surf parks, but imagine what the landscape will look like in five years as more than 100 parks open their doors. Wave DJ will become a well-known term, like barista or brand ambassador.

The latest job post in this emerging market is at BSR Surf Resort in Waco, Texas.

BSR is demanding, with long days and all the surprises Texas weather can deliver. And the post says they are looking for someone who understands surf and guest experience. The right person for the job will help make sure surfers – ranging from the world’s best to the average joe – feel comfortable and have a great time.

There’s a core crew at BSR who’ve hung on through the years. Rob Henson, manager Brian Filmore and sand groomer (read ‘manager’) Otis Stevens – all of whom work each day to make Waco a legit surf destination.

“We’re looking for a Director of Surf Experience to help us continue to elevate our guest experience to all our guests and help share our passion for this place,” said BSR about the position in a post to Malakye – the surf industry’s version of LinkedIn.

Brian Filmore at BSR Surf Resort
One of the perks to working at BSR will be the employee surf sessions. Brian Filmore. Photo by Rob Henson

This got us to thinking that as the 100+ wave pools around the world come to life, the need for a dedicated wave pool jobs board might become an actual thing. Chad Mihalick at Malakye, a professional network for creative, lifestyle-driven industries, says he’s worked with wave technology before, but that this is new terrain.

“We have done work with the American Wave Machines, the technology behind BSR, in helping them find engineers,” said Mihalick. “But BSR is Malakye’s first wave pool customer and we couldn’t be more psyched. Being able to play a role in BSR finding the talent it needs to elevate what they’re doing is something we’re really grateful for.”

Mihalick adds that Malakye’s sweet spot on the individual level is for full-time, career-level jobs, but that the platform is also ideal for emerging technology companies and surf park owners.

“This is the professional network where the most important companies are not the biggest in the world,” he added. “We like to live where personal interest and profession intersect. There’s a lot of great things that happen there.”

The position as the Director of Surf Experience means you’re responsible for the guest experience related to surf service and surf operations at BSR. This includes management of the Surf department staff and all operations relating to surf both in and out of water.

Think you have what it takes? Check this link.