Olas unveils footage of new test tank in Ecuador

Olas, an Ecuador-based company, unveiled a new test tank this week just ahead of more announcements for the company. The clip features slow-motion test waves set to soothing classical music.

The wave-making system uses technology first developed in 2009 by British award-winning physicist and passionate surfer John Baxendale. After several years of research and development, in 2014 Baxendale patented his Wavemaster technology. In 2018 South American surfer/entrepreneur, Diego Andres Cornejo Rodriquez purchased the intellectual property to create the Olas company.

“The tech was created with the vision of taking surf wave pools everywhere,” said Rodriquez. “Our first wave pool project, Quito Surf Park, is under development and will be open to the public in 2021.”

Olas uses a stacking module system similar to Cove wave-generation with differences on the patent-level of things. It has no compressed air, hydraulics or pneumatics. Current wave frequency is one wave every 12 seconds with the capability to ratchet that up to one wave every nine seconds once they finish their chop mitigation system research. Rides at the planned Quito surf park will hit the two-meter mark and average 16 seconds duration according to Rodriquez. The design will deliver rights, lefts or both at the same time and the company claims that the cost of their wave park would be much less than what is on the market at the moment.

The modular tech can be sequenced with software and will work in a variety of pool configurations and doesn’t require a specific pool shape.

“We can actually adapt to different shapes and it can be a triangle, a rectangle, a diamond, or even a circle with 4 split peaks just like Surf Lakes but in a different structure configuration,” said the company.