Palm Springs Surf Club shuts wave pool 10 days after launch

The Palm Springs Surf Club has announced the suspension of all surf sessions for the remainder of January and February due to technical issues. The recently launched facility, which had been operational for ten days, is facing a possible lengthy closure of its wave-generating system.

Brian Alper of Palm Springs Surf Club told WavePoolMag they aren’t divulging information until the situation becomes more clear.

“We’re not making any public statements at this time until we get clarity on the timeline to reopen the wave pool,” said Brian. “The restaurant (Amala) will remain open while the wave pool is being worked on.” 

Tom Lochtefeld, in a statement sent to surf tabloid Beachgrit, expressed the difficulty of the decision, and emphasized the club’s commitment to delivering high-quality waves.

“In recent days, we have been experiencing technical challenges,” Lochtefeld said. “We need to take the whole system down to make it strong again.”

Despite the capability to produce intermediate waves, Lochtefeld highlighted that the club’s clientele expects superior wave features such as slabs, barrels, and air sections.

palm springs surf club lazy river
The Amala restauraunt is still open despite the site’s main attraction, the wave pool, being closed until March.

“Since Surf Loch is not satisfied with just ‘good’ and rather than compromise the offer, we have mutually decided with PSSC to cancel all remaining January/February surf sessions and the pool will remain closed until warmer weather.”

The closure is intended for system upgrades and enhancements to the wave settings, as well as improvements to the beach run-up and the expansion of waves suitable for intermediate and beginner surfers.

Despite the wave pool’s closure, NBC reports that the Palm Springs Surf Club continues to operate other amenities. The club features yet-open attractions like a heated lazy river, a central pool, and upcoming water slides. The on-site restaurant, Amala, remains open for dining.

“It’s just the main attraction, the wave pool that is closed,” the club conveyed to a local NBC affiliate.

WavePoolMag correspondent David Hilts of the Coachella Valley Surf Club had booked several sessions at the newly minted park. He informed us that he received an email cancelling his upcoming sessions.

“I’ve been informed that my last session and all sessions for the rest of January have been canceled to address the technical issues,” said David. “I’m confident that PSSC will resolve these matters and return even stronger.”