Wave pools could benefit from new board rental move by Firewire

Firewire has launched a new surfboard rental program known as Firewire Fleets, currently available in the United States with plans to expand to additional regions. The program is designed to provide surfers with the opportunity to rent surfboards from a curated selection at participating surf shops and wave pools.

The rental service offers customers the flexibility to use different surfboards and accessories for a specified period, starting from a minimum of one day. The cost of the rental can be applied towards the purchase of a full-priced Firewire or Slater Designs surfboard at these shops. This initiative is aimed at offering convenience for surfers who may be traveling without their own boards, looking to test various surfboard designs, or seeking suitable equipment for specific wave conditions.

The introduction of the Firewire Fleets program is expected to benefit surf parks by providing their customers with access to a diverse range of surfboards, potentially enhancing the overall quiver experience at these facilities. Rental rates and terms are set by the individual partner shops, and surfers can check the list of participating locations for availability.

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