Perth wave pool clears latest hurdle

Aventuur, the company now chaired by Andrew Ross, moved one step closer to building their Perth wave pool this week. At issue was the future site’s Banksia trees which can be a foraging habitat for Black Cockatoos, a threatened species.

This week the state’s environmental watchdog ruled that the vegetation on the planned site was too degraded already and not crucial for the Black Cockatoo population. The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) said that clearing the vegetation would not pose a risk to the bird.

“The EPA considers that the likely environmental effects of the proposal are not so significant as to warrant formal assessment,” said the EPA. “The vegetation has been impacted by historical clearing and ongoing degrading processes leading to a large proportion of weeds and limited canopy connectivity. 

The concept of creating an entirely different experience, like different breaks that surfers travel to, is great from a customer and tourism perspective.
The proposed site for the new wave pool lies in an industrial area. The EPA ruled the Banksia trees were too degraded to be of benefit to the threatened black cockatoo population.

The planned surf park site is located between a main thoroughfare traveling in and out of downtown Perth and an industrial area. The completed project will sit on 5.78 hectares of land and provide an innovative surf sports, recreation and entertainment hub, featuring a 56-module Wavegarden Cove surfing lagoon, a high-performance surf academy, health and wellness center, a beach club, bars and restaurants, casual workspaces, retail stores, events and on-site accommodation.

The EPA noted that the implementation of the proposal may require the removal of up to 5.26 ha of native vegetation, including 3.156 ha of Banksia Woodlands. Aventuur said they would buy 18 hectares of Banksia Woodland and turn it over to the state to help offset the trees that will be removed and relocated.

Located on Prinsep Road, Jandakot adjacent to the Kwinana Freeway, the Perth Surf Park will be accessible from the Perth CBD and Perth Airport within 25 minutes. Subject to approvals being received from relevant authorities, the surf park is expected to open to the public in 2025.

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