Swiss hot spot sending surfboards to West Africa

Alaïa Bay will collaborate with the Swiss NGO Provide the Slide to collect used surf equipment for people in West Africa.

In Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Spain used surfboards and equipment are collected free of charge, repaired if needed and then sent to partner communities of African surfers as part of the Provide the Slide program. The gear is sent with the intent of creating a new perspective about the ocean and possibly making an income through surf tourism.

“There are about 4 million surfers living in Europe, and their surfboards often lie unused in basements and garages,” says Provide the Slide on their website. “We breathe new life into these boards and combine empowerment with sustainable surfing. We demonstrate that for us Europeans seemingly worthless things are precious in other regions and create new opportunities. At the same time, we generate attention for Africa as an up-and-coming surf destination.”

Last year, the Alaïa community collected 42 boards. The first collection campaign will run from March 20th until the 31st of March. Donors can drop materials (boards, bags, leashes, fins) at the surf school at Alaïa Bay.

“For us, Alaïa has a way bigger mission than just operating a wave pool,” said Zoë Pfeiffer of Alaïa. “It’s all about democratizing action sports and giving access to the waves to as many people as possible. When we met Chris Klein & Simon Mendoza (founders of the swiss NGO Provide the Slide) we knew we had to partner with them to spread the stoke.”

Everyone donating material to Provide the Slide will automatically enter a prize drawing with the possibility to win a surf session, along with Alaïa Alpine Alternative t-shirts and more. The winners will be announced on March 31st at the Movie & Auction night which will feature the acclaimed “Water Get No Enemy.”

An auction will be hosted by Andy Davies founder of Mami Wata and publisher of the surf magazine Zig-Zag. Carlos Lopes & Simon Mendoza from the Provide The Slide team have created a unique board that will be the centerpiece for the auction.