A helicopter’s view of wave pool projects today

We have an amazing page on our website over on www.wavepoolmag.com called the surf planner. It details all the projects in the space that we’ve written about and there are potentially quite a few others under wraps.

In this chat Bryan and I head through all the projects we’re aware of and proceed from the point of view of the companies who provide the technology:

  • Kelly Slater Wave Co.
  • Wavegarden
  • American Wave Machines
  • Surf Lakes
  • Surf Loch
  • White Water

We also mention the other smaller companies like: Wave Prizm, Swellspot, Swell MFG, Wave SEG, Ola wave pool, Webber Pools, Okahina. Additionally we discuss sheet waves vs RAPID waves (TM – just kidding) and the companies involved in that space.

It’s the perfect primer on wave pools for 2021!

Endless Surf 2023A