The concept of Endless Surf

Andrew Thatcher grew up surfing in the warm waters off Durban, South Africa and came to live in my home town, much further south before leaving for the USA back in 2000.

The happiest coincidence occurred when a family connection to Tom Lochtefeld landed him a job at the legendary wave maker’s Surf Loch and Wave Loch company. Tom had created the Flowrider and Andrew helped to spread the piece of joy all around the world. Flowriders are in a wide range of places, from cruise liners, to restaurants, to water parks and as stand alone venues.

We talk a lot about Endless Surf, White Water’s “new” product. It’s essentially not new as they have been making waves for over 30 years when they built Typhoon Lagoon in Disney World and more than 400 other pools around the world.

It’s a fascinating company, with equally absorbing products. You’ll enjoy this one.



Endless Surf 2023A