Rotterdam wave pool’s grand opening showcases unique venue

The highly anticipated opening of RiF010, the world’s first downtown wave pool located in Rotterdam, took place last Saturday to much fanfare. The event drew in a large number of visitors, spectators, international surfers, and sponsors – all eager to witness the debut of Surf Loch’s latest wave pool.

Rotterdam’s Sports Alderman, Faouzi Achbar kicked off the event at noon followed by a demonstration from Ítalo Ferreira. Then it was on to the Rotterdam Surf Open which featured surf competitions for children, an open contest, and professional surfers.

The contest began with the Rotterdam Schools Competition, followed by spectacular performances from longboarders like Ben Skinner (UK) and Dutch champion Anne Albers, and shortboarders, with the Dutch national surf team competing for the title. A certified jury judged the performances, while sports commentators introduced the audience to the world of surfing.

In addition to the surf competitions, the festival offered a wide range of live music and DJ sets. Visitors enjoyed food and drinks from the amphitheatre-esque surroundings.

RiF010 wave pool uses Surf Loch technology and vaguely resembles the Palm Springs Surf Club test pool, except it is set in a canal and offers rights only.

The wave is a right-hander that runs for 8-9 seconds through the Steigersgracht canal of Rotterdam. It utilizes Surf Loch’s pneumatic technology, pumping out waves in seven-second intervals. The waves can be adjusted to differing skill levels.

Management at RiF010 says the surf set up has not only proven its worth as a new hotspot for the surfing community but also a valuable addition for the general public in Rotterdam.

“We look forward to this annual event and many more future events and competitions in this unique urban surf pool,” said the company in a statement.

How much does it cost to surf at Rif010: Prices range in price from 50€-60€. The cost for a surf session at RiF010 in downtown Rotterdam breaks down to 50€ ($53US) for the 1.2 meter (4 foot) wave and 60€ ($65US) for the 1.5 meter (5 foot) wave. Beginner waves in their bay will be priced at 35€. All sessions include a soft board with Libtech surfboards available for rental. RiF010 also makes the claim that “all Rotterdam-based children learn to surf at RiF010, so with every ticket you buy and every cafe purchase, you support this goal,” Edwin van Viegen told us during a recent podcast