Shakira drops into a wave pool for “Don’t Wait Up” official video

Shakira just dropped her latest video and it features – yes! – choreographed dance moves and lots of hips. But to everyone’s surprise, there’s also heaps of wave pool surfing. It’s proving quite popular with the official clip for “Don’t Wait Up” already notching 28 million views on YouTube.

Riffing on the lyrics “Do you remember how we lit up the room” the multi-platinum artist uses an LED enhanced Axel Lorentz shape to surf some dreamy backlit right-handers. For the night shoot Shakira sessioned at The Wave Palace at Siam Park in Tenerife – the same location Kai Neville chose for his after-dark wave pool segment of Lost Atlas.

But it was at Wavegarden HQ in Gipuzkoa, Basque Country where the platinum-selling artist – with partner, soccer player Gerard Piqué and their children in tow – practiced ahead of the video shoot.

shakira relationship with wavegarden
While practicing at Wavegarden HQ for the “Don’t Wait Up” video shoot, both Shakira’s and the Wavegarden family became fast friends

“I’m back at Wave Garden trying to improve my skills in this cruel sport with Barbie’s board,” she said on social media to describe her prep sessions on a large, pink Pukas design.

The Columbian goofy foot has built up a relationship with Wavegarden this past year, posting behind-the-scenes images to Instagram on several occasions. In one post her kid Sasha throws shakas with WG’s own uber-groms (children to founders Josema and Karin) Kai and Hans Odriozola.
Shakira is on a surf kick. Over the past year posting her oceanic and pool surf sessions (and surf skate as well) to Instagram.

But before the kook police call out her lock-kneed stance on social media, pundits need to remember that everyone has to start somewhere. And how would these same anonymous commentators fare in a dance-off with La Shak? Hey, hips don’t lie.

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