What’s it like when your board hits you in the face during Beast Mode? Find out.

Jordan Oueslati is a YouTubing surf pro and instructor from Guadeloupe. He recently made the trek to the French-speaking corner of Switzerland to test out Alaia Bay’s different wave settings, including Beast Mode.

“I got into a tube and fell, barely touching the water,” said Jordan. “I caught the side of my board in the face. The lifeguards came immediately and got me out of the water. My bell got rang big time.”

Jordan says that when the board hit him it knocked him out, but video shows him walking out of the water. Was it a dramatic enhancement for YouTube or something Lost in Google Translate? Either way, an icepack and resting up poolside for 15 minutes did the trick.

In the clip below the collision happens at 8:26. Big shout out to the safety crew at Alaia Bay who did an amazing job. You can turn on translation in the YouTube settings if your French is less than fluent.