Sneak Peek: Surf Stadium Japan sends out first sets

American Wave Machines leaked images and a clip of their new facility in Shizunami Japan. With the pool only 43% full, Instagram viewers were treated to a very-Waco looking left peeling along the wave pool’s main wall.

Surf Stadium Japan broke ground for their PerfectSwell wave pool just 13 months ago, making this one of the fastest builds in the surf park space. The surf pool sits on a 2.4-acre site a stone’s throw from the Pacific ocean.

Shizunami is a thriving surf town about four hours by car southeast of Tokyo. The bullet train from Tokyo central takes a little over two hours to nearby Shizuoka station. Surf Stadium Japan is also groundbreaking as it’s the world’s first surf park in close proximity to an existing natural surfing location.

During the commissioning phase, AWM said they will be using new technology including “Temporal Distortion” for hydrodynamic control.

“Temporal Distortion will lead to an entirely new selection of waves for both high-performance and learning applications,” said William McFarland, AWM Surf Programmer. “This level of control will add shifting elements to the surf creating a more dynamic wave overall.”

The company says that Shizunami will also demonstrate how high-performance surf can be achieved in urban, surf-centric, relatively smaller footprint locations, referred to by the company as “surf arenas”.

“By fitting the dynamic, powerful, and varied surf PerfectSwell provides onto a footprint less than half the size of anything similar, we’ve created a blueprint for a stand-alone urban surf park that is ready to roll out across the world,” said Mike Lopez, AWM Senior VP. 

Shizunami, Makinohara, Japan is a thriving beach town with several local surf shops to serve a large population of local and traveling surfers. 

The company said the wave pool was constructed in record time.

“The construction of a world-class PerfectSwell surf technology venue was accomplished in a year that has seen highly disruptive business conditions affecting world travel and challenges to productivity,” said AWM in a statement. “In cooperation, Surf Stadium Japan (SSJ), the licensee, and AWM overcame supply chain and logistics challenges to deliver the thousands of components required. The civil works were completed in record time, 389 days.”

An opening date will be announced after the travel ban from U.S. to Japan is lifted and PerfectSwell Shizunami is commissioned by AWM for the licensee (SSJ) to begin public operations.

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