Stab announces return of Waco event, hints at new Oz venue

Stab High 2.0 is returning to Waco, Texas on June 29, along with a live broadcast on stabmag.com.

Last year’s greatest performers, including event champ Noa Deane, runner-up Chippa Wilson, Big Air winner Eithan Osborne, teenage flipster Eli Hanneman, and the highest scoring surfer Mason Ho will all be back in attendance, including another dozen (or so) elite punters.

“It’s pretty much the sickest event ever,” Noa Deane said in 2018, following his Stab High win. “Chip and I just slammed like four beers before the final.”

The ethos of Stab High is simple, “We want to create a fun, progressive, and brutally honest surfing event that doesn’t take all day.”

This year, Stab High will run from 3 p.m. ’till sunset and can be viewed in-person at Waco’s Barefoot Ski Resort (tickets on sale here) or on our live webcast. Competition highlights will air on ESPN following the event.

This year’s event will introduce the Stab High Ladybirds division– an invitational aerial competition for 14-and-under females, including Sierra Kerr, Caitlin Simmers, and Bella Kenworthy. First and second place will advance to the 2019 Australian Stab High event (details coming soon).
This year the event will be judged by 2018 Stab High competitor Albee Layer (who is out of the water with an injury), east coast aerial tycoon Aaron ‘Gorkin’ Cormican, and one yet-to-be-named punt critic, with Stab’s resident surf nerd Michael Ciaramella acting as head judge (which is a fancy title for beer maid).

Stab High encourages viewers to vocalize any of the judges’ wrongdoings.

“All that shuv-it crap isn’t surfing,” proclaimed …Lost Surfboard founder Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos after watching last year’s event, which saw Noa Deane win on two silky varials.

“Guys were doing that stuff 20 years ago,” Matt continued. “Eli [Hanneman]’s flips on the other hand…”

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