Retro TV: Standing wave party with pool royalty Cheyne Magnusson & JOB

It seems so long ago. Only six years have passed since this episode of Who is JOB aired. Since then, five soliton wave pools have opened up globally while a handful of standing waves have flourished (with some becoming comp stops on a dedicated tour).

In that time Cheyne Magnusson has helped thrust BSR Surf Resort onto the main stage of the wave pool scene. He’s also gone on to develop his own surf park, Palm Springs Surf Club.

But for a few moments in 2014, when fellow wave pool developer Pharrell Williams topped the charts with ‘Happy,’ Cheyne, JOB and Kalani Chapman opened a big-ass can of fun. In the process, the crew inadvertently allows us a peek into the future of wave pool fun.

“We’re at the SurfsUp Surfstream, and it’s a standing wave, and it’s the biggest ones in the world,” says Cheyne. “They shut it down for us for five hours. So we’re gonna go and just see what happens.”

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