Surf Loch roll continues with Sydney-area wave pool announcement

Surf Loch has been blossoming of late with new pool projects popping up globally. Recently the company was named as the provider for an €800Million project in the south of Spain. Now the expansive work of Tom Lochtefeld will be seen in Australia.

Today the Daily Mail reported that the Wisemans Ferry Retreat and Golf Club filed a proposal for a 13,000+ square meter water development complete with wave pool and amenities.

The article said the site, an hour northwest of Sydney, will be exclusive to retreat guests and will include a beach and deck area. A central wave pool feature will use filtered water from the Hawkesbury River.

Despite being in the wave pool game for nearly 30 years, Tom Lochtefeld is still a bit of a mystery. This is due in part to Mr. Lochtefeld keeping quiet about developments and also because we haven’t seen a full-scale working model of his WaveLoch design.

Artist rendering of the project at Wisemans Ferry Retreat wave pool. Image courtesy SurfLoch/Wisemans Ferry Retreat wave pool

According to the SurfLoch website, the WaveLoch system works on a “non-mechanically driven wave technology solution.” While we don’t know exactly what that is, their website reiterates that the system will deliver “total wave performance customization, separate zones to accommodate all skill levels simultaneously, wave generating efficiency and operational control.”

“Over the past 29 years, Surf Loch has carefully explored, researched and tested a multitude of engineering methods for creating waves in a man-made environment for commercial and recreational use.”

While Spain, and now Sydney are the only confirmed WaveLochs, several people speculate the system could be at the center of the Oceanside wave pool development and several other concurrent global projects.

The retreat at Wisemans Ferry offers 54 furnished rooms adjacent to their golf course. The property on Hawkesbury River is bordered by the Dharug National Park.

More on this project as it develops.