Sunshine Coast sights on new pool just one hour north of Brisbane

Surf Parks Australia is planning a 13-hectare development near Glass House Mountain on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. The wave pool will feature learn-to-surf facilities, cafe, dining, wellness center and a shop or two. According to Surf Parks Australia, the development will be a sustainable surf park.

“Surf Parks Australia just wants to surf and promote the healthy lifestyle that comes with it,” the company says on their website. “The site is located on the Bruce Highway halfway between Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. The perfect spot locals and visitors to access without impacting surrounding residents or the environment.”

The company added that the technology will allow the development to be small and low impact but with big benefits to the community and economy. They said the new surf park will help take the crowd pressure off the Sunshine Coast’s surf spots.

Surf Parks Australia told news outlet The Urban Developer that the wave pool will provide opportunities for the nearby construction and tourism industries.

In a major push forward, the development has support from the local council.

“We appreciate the strong support from the council, their assistance and diligent approach to ensuring all relevant planning matters were thoroughly addressed,” said Craig Morrison of Surf Parks Australia. “We strategically selected the Moby Vic’s location for this project due to its ease of access, and proximity to both the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay regions…”

Surf Parks Australia did not say specifically which technology will power the surf on the Sunshine Coast. But all imagery on the site shows American Wave Machine PerfectSwell technology, like the system used in Waco and the recently opened Surf Stadium Japan.

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