WaveSEG partners with the Brazilian Surf Park Association

Brazil has 3 million surfers and represents roughly one-third of the WSL top 34 going into the 2022 season. Of the country’s 8.5 million square miles, only 4,600 of that skirts the coastline. So what happens when the inland territories have access to surf via wave pools? Once the whole country starts surfing we can guess that total, unstoppable world domination in competitive surfing will follow.

WaveSEG, the wave tech out of Argentina, is working on the certification of sustainability based on ISO standards with (ASB) Surfparks Association of Brazil. What exactly are ISO standards? It’s a series of metrics and standards set by people with expertise in their fields who know the needs of the organizations they represent. This includes manufacturers, sellers, buyers, customers, trade associations, users and/or regulators.

The ASB manifest states that the group is focused on social development in Brazil through sport.

“The work that we are doing together with the ASB (Brazilian Surf Park Association) fills us with a lot of pride,” said Omar Modini. “It drives us to have a business model with a true socio-environmental balance. Working on the certification of sustainability based on ISO standards means a lot to the company and reflects our values.”

In a video message, ASB said they want to harness the energy of the Brazilian Storm to further solidify the nation’s dominance in surfing.

“We are working with WaveSeg make surfing a tool for positive impact for inland communities,” said Rodrigo Minghelli, Vice President of the Surfparks Association of Brazil. “With Italo winning Olympic Gold surfing in Brazil has become the perfect tool for social inclusion and WaveSEG will help make this happen.”

WeveSEG is part of SEG (South Entertainment Group) South America, and implements the design, installation and maintenance of wave pools marketed under the name Surf Place.

The company started back in 2012 and is now reaching the pointy end of in their proof-of-concept campaign with a host of test tanks in a warehouse in Argentina.

The system is an air-compression-setup much like PerfectSwell, Endless Surf and Surf Loch, all of whom push out air from caissons to displace water and create waves. The number of caissons in a pool helps signify how large it is.

Endless surf makes wave pools from ES1800 (18 caissons) to ES4800 (48 caissons). The WaveSEG system, at least the test models, looks very different because the air cannons are laid out horizontally rather than as vertical concrete chambers.

The company built a small four-cannon model recently and then constructed a full-size air cannon to test the machinery at scale.