Surf Lakes announces 10 ‘shovel ready’ wave pool projects

Want to invest? For a cool $100K AU you can bro-out with Occy and session the Yeppoon test facility this February.

Australian wave pool company Surf Lakes asserted their investment value this week in a press statement citing new projects and plans. The company emphasised that the agreements aren’t “pie in the sky” projects either.

“Interest has risen dramatically and we are receiving enquiries every day from new potential licensees,” the company said. “In total over 250 inquiries from over 25 countries.”

“We have a process to filter out the ones that are the most ‘shovel ready’ and this has uncovered around 10 solid projects in locations including, Arizona, California, Brazil, Spain, UK, Middle East and two in Australia. To date we have signed 3 HOAs and have two more that we expect to sign in December/Jan.”

Several builds to break ground in 2019

The timing is crucial as Wavegarden’s planned Cove facilities in Bristol and London drew worldwide attention last week. Wavegarden has 18 Cove facilities planned globally in the next two years.

Surf Lakes says more details on each project will be released over the next few months as they are finalised. Australian wave pool company added that this crop of investors are serious about bringing surfing to their respective areas, with several already having suitable sites.

“Five of these groups have indicated to us that they intend to begin construction on their facility in 2019, however the reality is that many will take longer to get the necessary approvals in place. Based on all of this, we are confident of starting construction of at least two commercial builds in 2019.”
As an investor, you can surf there

Surf Lakes earns their revenue from the design, construct and build of each facility, as well as developing royalty streams. The company continues to push its 5 Waves concept as a solid path to profitability.

“It is the largest wavepool/surfing lagoon ever built (by water volume) and contains 10 separate breaks (5 lefts and 5 rights). Our nearest competitor has only 2 breaks… Size and productivity is extremely important to operators, because the more waves per hour, the higher the capacity and therefore more revenue from surf sessions as well as food, drinks, product sales, etc.”

Surf Lakes investors (minimum buy in $100K AU) are able to test surf the demo facility and hang out with ambassadors like Occy and Barton Lynch. Roughly 20 shareholders have already sessioned at the pool and the next investor day will be in February 2019.

If you want to surf with Occy, Barton and crew in Yeppoon you’d better act fast, the Surf Lakes investment window closes this Friday, December 14.

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