Six new Surf Lakes locations announced – is one near you?

Since the debut of their Yeppoon facility Surf Lakes location, the company has been flooded with inquiries. More than 200 to be exact. Of those, six are putting their money where their mouth is and looking to break ground in 2019.

You could be surfing a new Surf Lakes break in the next 100 weeks if you live in California, Arizona, Western Australia, London, Spain or Brazil.

“At least six parties are positioning to begin construction in 2019 with a view to opening commercial surf parks using 5 Waves technology in 2020,” says CEO Aaron Trevis. “In the US, one site in California and one in Arizona have been marked out and early stage design is underway for each.”

“Our plan for 2019 was always to commence construction of at least two commercial spec 5 Wave Surf Lakes,” Trevis continues. “But with the inbound interest from such quality licensees, we now believe that three or even four could commence construction next year, and be open to the public within 24 months.”

Surf Lakes’ Yeppoon test site is standard size. The company says sizing can go smaller or “much bigger.”

Felicity "Flick" Palmateer at Surf Lakes

Business models: Luxury resort or neighborhood gym?

The race is on to see which business models will gel as wave pool surfing facilities pop up throughout the world. For instance, will your local wave pool be within a gated community? Or will it be a bare-bones facility designed for the general public having a pre-work surf?

Aaron Trevis says potential licensees are exploring a variety of business models, and will, therefore, be able to cater to many different markets.

“One particular site is intending to cater for the high net worth market by adding a 5 Waves Surf Lake within their existing private gated-community. They already have a world-class golf course, clubhouse and other resort-style amenities. So adding surfing to their offering will be really exciting.”

“By contrast, other sites are focussed on delivering high volume commercial facilities open to the public, with the aim of enticing children and adult non-surfers via learn to surf programs.”

Trevis adds that at one of the prospective locations the licensee already owns a large lake. The intention is to retrofit it, including detailing the bathymetry, and transforming the body of water it into a genuine surf “lake”.

Which brings up an interesting point, should Surf Lakes start kitting out pre-established lakes, each break could be slightly different from its Surf Lakes brethren. In other words, the bathymetry and shape of Lake A would vary slightly from that of Lake B. Therefore creating subtle differences in each break.

the wave pool break known as Occy's Left

How do they do it?

With the Central Wave Device (aka ‘The Plunger’ or ‘Bob’), 5 Waves Surf Lakes is capable of producing up to 2400 wave per hour, offering 5 Levels of waves. As a result, they can cater to skill levels from beginner to pro simultaneously. When other technologies adjust their wave settings, all the waves being pumped out change.

“As was proven in the test facility complex, we can create waves of all shapes and sizes to adapt to the client’s intended market,” adds Trevis. “This is determined by the vertical movement of the wave making device and the shape of the reefs below the waterline. That is the beauty of this system.”

Digital wave candy for the world

Every few months the surfing world collectively hoots with each new wave pool clip. From the BSR Surf Resort launch last Spring to Wavegarden’s ongoing Cove technology, we are digitally blessed.

Trevis attests to the power of the internet, “The interest has been growing since the world saw those first waves in early November.”

The WavePoolMag edit below of the Surf Lakes plunger has proved extremely popular on our YouTube channel, out viewing the other clips by 100-to-1.

More on the future Surf Lakes locations as details become available…



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