Surf Lakes confirms Gold Coast location

Public Surf Lakes “5 Waves” facility will be somewhere on the Goldy, but company won’t say where

Surf Lakes Holdings Ltd, announced today that their first commercial Surf Lakes 5 Waves facility will be on the Gold Coast. The company did not specify where, just that it would be “centrally located.”

Surf Lakes is headquartered in Robina, a master-planned development dotted with golf courses, waterways and lakes. The town of 24,000 is just inland from Mermaid Beach and Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast.

In a statement, Surf Lakes said they are committed to providing a facility within the Gold Coast region and that they have been in constant dialogue with local and state government officials with very positive outcomes.

Robina Gold Coast Satelite
Aerial view of Robina, Surf Lakes’ hometowm.

“As a company, we are tremendously excited to be announcing our commitment to building a facility on the Gold Coast,” said newly appointed Surf Lakes CEO Mal Borgeaud. “We have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement we have received from both Council and the Queensland Government.”
“Surf Lakes has been scouring the Gold Coast for suitable land, and at present has selected an appropriate site in a location that is centrally located and easily accessible for residents and tourists.”
The statement added that the new facility will bring jobs, tourism and a shot in the arm for the local economy.
“Our aim is to make this site a genuine showpiece not only for our technology but for the Gold Coast as well,” added Borgeaud.
Surf Lakes envisions that construction of a 5 Waves facility (one that offers 5 different breaks) will begin in late 2019 or early 2020 with a view to opening in the second half of 2020.

Nearly five months ago Surf Lakes unveiled its 5 Waves concept at a test facility in Yeppoon. Their giant plunger technology captivated the surfing and engineering world because of its unique design and ability to pump our waves in 360 degrees.

Shortly thereafter in December, they announced “shovel ready” projects across the globe.

“Interest has risen dramatically and we are receiving inquiries every day from new potential licensees,” Surf Lakes said at the time. “In total over 250 inquiries from over 25 countries.”

First wave at Surf Lakes
First waves rolling through last October at the Surf Lakes Yeppoon facility

“We have a process to filter out the ones that are the most ‘shovel ready’ and this has uncovered around 10 solid projects in locations including, Arizona, California, Brazil, Spain, UK, Middle East and two in Australia. To date, we have signed 3 HOAs and have two more that we expect to sign in December/Jan.”

Surf Lakes’ Yeppoon test site is standard size. The company says sizing can go smaller or “much bigger.”

At that time president Aaron Trevis spoke of potential licensees exploring a variety of business models, from lux club atmosphere to working-person’s gym. In that interview, he hinted at the Robina location without mentioning it by name.

Surf Lakes’ main peak looks super going fun left or right

“One particular site is intending to cater for the high net worth market by adding a 5 Waves Surf Lake within their existing private gated-community,” said Trevis. “They already have a world-class golf course, clubhouse and other resort-style amenities. So adding surfing to their offering will be really exciting.”

He also added that the licensee already owns a large lake. The intention would be to retrofit it, including detailing the bathymetry, and transforming the body of water into a genuine surf “lake”.

With the announcement today from Surf Lakes, it’s time to get out your google maps app and scour the town of Robina for the that perfect Surf Lake.

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