Surf Lakes through the lens of the average surfer

In a dramatic break from standard-issue wave pool clips, Surf Lakes has just launched a gem featuring – gasp! – real surfers who aren’t paid pros. We’ve grown so accustomed to watching the best land impossible airs as surf brands send their elite teams to inland destinations to wow us via Instagram. It is what powers the internet and has become the metric of success across marketing departments everywhere.

And the rest of us?

Yes, left with feelings of inadequacy and shame at our abilities. But that’s not what wave pools are about. Wave pools are about fun for the every-person. And this clip helps that messaging. What would happen if an average surfer showed up at Surf Lakes?

“Seeing the plunger going up and then smashing back down, you get that energy similar like you’re in the ocean,” said the excited visitor.

I mean, seeing that plunger alone is worth the trip to Yeppoon. Don’t ya think? Check the clip to see what other observations they had.