Surf Lakes wave pool tracks for central UK

Surfing in the middle of the UK just got a big push with a flurry of social media activity. The project, Surf X, is planned for the Midlands of England near Northampton has been busy on Instagram.

The development aims to tap the expanding leisure market in the UK and globally by building a central wave pool surrounded by other sporting activities.

While a surf park is also planned for Coleshill, Birmingham by Wavegarden Cove enthusiasts Emerge Surf, this one 55 miles away will be a Surf Lakes Model.

The main attraction at Surf X will be a £25Million system using the Surf Lakes 5-wave technology. The 25-acre facility is set to include several Olympic activities, skateboarding, health-spas, gyms, co-working spaces, family retreats, entertainment, events, and commercial developments.

Surf Lakes wave technology currently has a proof-of-concept model in Yeppoon Australia. Aaron Trevis, the founder of Surf Lakes says his system’s unique design makes the best suited for large occupancy surf parks and a more natural feeling surf experience.

Surf Lakes works via a giant plunger in the center of a lake that pumps out swell in 360 degrees like a stone dropped in a pond. The technology behind the system produces more than 2000 waves an hour (across several breaks) and can hold up to 200 surfers in the water at all times.

While initial tests were impressive in 2018, the main connecting rod to the central wavemaker failed, throwing the company for a loop. The company has since fixed the issue.

Several video clips aired last year show the Yeppoon site in full swing with ripping on all manner of craft. Among the visitors were Stand Up Paddle surfers, up-and-coming Australian pros and Surf Lakes ambassadors Barton Lynch and Mark Occhilupo.

Surf X CEO Scott Graham says the facility will anchor the community through healthy activities.

“The destination is home away from home, a place to spend all day at or pop in and out, a relaxing and high energy resort focused on healthy lifestyles, community support programs, a place to re-energize, get inspired and create amazing memories with friends, families, and making new connections,” said Graham in a Facebook post.

The company added that the facilities will provide year-round opportunities for millions of people to get involved in sport, supporting healthier lifestyles and promoting positive social impacts, and also increasing tourism, job creation, community programs and boosting the local economy.

Other English towns dancing with wave pool developments in various stages include Bournemouth and London. There’s also Snowdonia Adventure Parc in Nearby Wales and a Wavegarden Cove project just north of Edinburgh in Scotland.

No groundbreaking date or completed by dates have been given. Stay tuned for more details as the project develops.