Surf park industry launches three new committees to address safety, sustainability and accessibility

The surf park industry continues to boom, with more than a dozen parks set to open this year. Like any new business, those in the industry are working on the ground floor of the future of surfing. Companies are navigating both the setbacks and opportunities shaping the world of surf parks. Surf Park Central (SPC) is working to make this easier for everyone by forming multiple committees dedicated to tackling the industry’s most significant topics and challenges.

Surf Park Central is the association for the surf park industry and the organization behind Surf Park Summit. The annual event is the industry’s town hall, where wave designers, new technologies, developers, park operators, investors, and surfers come together to discuss the world of wave pools.

Now, SPC is forming committees with industry leaders to propel the world of surf parks forward. Originally addressed at last year’s Surf Park Summit through in-person round table discussions, this month marks the launch of three inaugural committees, each centered on topics that park developers and operators have identified as key areas of importance to make a safer, more sustainable, and accessible surfing world for all.

Sustainability: Promoting & implementing sustainable practices across surf park operations.
Chairpersons: Jess Ponting: Partner, Surf Park Central & Co-founder, STOKE
Kevin Whilden: Co-Founder, & Executive Director, Sustainable Surf
William Duncan: Principal, BAR Architects & Interiors: 

Insurance & Risk: Addressing crucial issues surrounding the operations of surf parks.
Chairpersons: Peter Katkov: Founder & CEO, Apex Risk & Insurance Services 
Wess Long: President, StarGuard ELITE 
Shaun Hutchinson: Group Operation Manager URBNSURF

Accessibility: Providing best practices for accessible surf park operations & programming.
Chairpersons: Kris Primacio: CEO, International Surf Therapy Organization

These committees will bring the industry together to create a balance between profit and ethics. This will benefit the surf park business and its customers. Members will take an active role in helping to shape the conversations surrounding essential issues facing the community.

All committee members will participate in multiple meetings annually and help establish the long-term goal of driving growth in the surf park industry.