2024 Video Guide to American Dream Wave Pool

In this clip, WavePoolMag buses it out of Manhattan, gets lost in a giant New Jersey shopping mall and somehow finds a surf spot. How did we find it? What did it cost? Was it good? Answers in this video clip.

Teaser: SkudinSurf books sessions at 2 hours apiece so you will catch a lot of waves. They have 40 different settings, including the Zeke Peak and Gravy Train for advanced surfers, as well as a split peak and others for mortal surfers. If you’re on your game, you can get in two really fun turns, possibly three. We also found out that it’s a great learner wave, so don’t be afraid to bring a friend who wants to try surfing. 

Transportation: The American Dream Mall is a quick Lyft ride from one of the nearby New Jersey hotels like the Hilton. From central New York City you can use a ride service but it’s also a short bus ride from the Port Authority.

Accommodations: New York City is just 5 miles away as the crow flies with thousands of stay opportunities from co-op youth hostels to 5-star swank fests.

Food: The mall food at American Dream is cut above your average food court. New York City offers any kind of food imaginable including world famous pizza-by-the-slice, which we highly recommend.

At the Mall: Meet in the parking lot and a SkudinSurf representative will guide you through the mall as the wave pool is a bit tricky to find.

Booking: Easy to do online and staff are friendly and helpful. Make sure you allow enough time to get from the mall parking lot to the wave pool (see above tip).

Hours of Operation: SkudinSurf American Dream operates between the hours of 7-11 AM and 7 PM-Midnight on the off-hours of Dreamworks Water Park where the wave pool is located.

What it costs to surf at SkudinSurf American Dream: They offer both public and private surf sessions in their indoor concrete pool, which operates year-round at around 85 degrees air and water temperatures. Here are the prices for each type of session:

Public Sessions:
Beginners- $99-$125 (2-hour session)
Intermediate, Advanced, & A-Frames Only- $195-$250 (2-hour session)
Experts- $250 (2-hour session)

Private Dream Sessions:
$1600 for 1 hour (up to 10 surfers)
$3200 for 2 hours (up to 24 surfers)

Private sessions are ideal for parties, larger groups, events, or those who want personal sessions. Each private session includes a cabana setup with snacks and drinks overlooking the pool, a customizable selection of waves, and a customizable music playlist. SkudinSurf American Dream also offers coaching, media, and additional instructor packages.

Added Notes: As part of every session ticket, guests will have access to a complimentary surfboard quiver which features over 50 different boards to choose from.

Attire: The heated indoor facility allows for boardies and bikinis as attire in the water. Spectators are encouraged to wear light clothing as the park does get fairly hot during daytime hours.

Something Special: Owners proudly informed WavePoolMag, “We are the only indoor high-performance surf park in the world, with heated temps year round!”