Swiss wave pool offers local spot for Northern Euros

Finn Springborn is a German surfer living in Denmark. During his annual pilgrimage to France, he drove all night with a slight detour to Alaia Bay for a few sample sessions.

“After the North Sea in my adopted home of Denmark had provided tons of waves in the last few weeks, and the forecast for France looked below average, we decided to stop in Switzerland,” said Finn.

His first session at the wave pool was on the pro setting with the following day all about the advanced setting.

Finn Springborn. Photo by Saskia Spethmann

“The advanced setting is perfect for turns. In contrast to the pro session from the previous day, it was a lot more crowded with 12 people out, but everyone in the session caught around 14-16 waves.”

WavePoolMag is familiar with Alaia Bay. You can read our complete guide to Switzerlands first wave pool right here . But Finn’s story fascinated us because we know so little about Denmark.

Dedicated Euros make the rounds through Northern Europe (projected to have 10 wave pools soon) to find surf along the North Sea. The area known as Cold Hawaii is a must-stop. We had to learn more…

What’s the scene like in Denmark?
The surf scene in Denmark is steadily growing, especially in the last few years it‘s been booming. The main focus in the Danish surf scene is on the northwest coast with Klitmøller, a little fisher village that is filled with tourists in the summer. The whole coast is basically one long beach that offers different types of waves depending on the sandbars. There are plenty of groins and bays that offer protection from the wind that usually comes with the swell.

How are the crowds?
The crowds consist of locals and almost every season there will be tourists and weekend warriors from the rest of Denmark and especially Northern Germany. The vibe here is almost always friendly and welcoming even though it gets more and more crowded every year.

Both Denmark and Alaia Bay work utilize the power of short interval swell periods, yet look entirely different. Photo by Saskia Spethmann

Are there any wave pools planned for Denmark?
I don‘t know of any wave pool plans for Denmark yet, but I‘m pretty sure it‘s just a matter of time until there will be one! With most of the country’s population living on the coast and around Copenhagen, it will probably give a lot more people access to surfing if they build one here.

Would a wave pool help improve the level of surfing in Denmark?
It will probably help the majority of the crowd to improve their surfing. This is good because it can be hard to improve in the conditions we have here most of the time.