Sydney wave pool launches, URBNSURF delights in their second venue

Sydney’s first wave pool, URBNSURF Sydney, announced the official opening date during a grand “First Waves” media event featuring professional surfers such as Owen Wright and Milla Brown, along with industry leaders and representatives from Surfing NSW, AppleJack, and RipCurl. The surf park will open its doors to the public on May 13, 2024.

This is a huge deal for URBNSURF and Sydney’s surfing community. The company launched Melbourne in 2020 and has been working steadily to bring Sydney online. Many of the finer points of surf park operation learned in Melbourne, will be applied to the Sydney location. The launch also marks URBNSURF as the only company at the moment to own and operate more than one surf park location.

Sydney Wave pool URBNSURF
Olympic Park is part of Sydney, home to 5 million inhabitants and one freshly minted URBNSURF surf park.

Located in the Sydney Olympic Park Precinct, URBNSURF Sydney spans a 3.6-hectare site with a lagoon similar in size to the Sydney Cricket Ground. The park will accommodate up to 1,000 daily visitors and feature amenities such as a Surf Academy, leisure swimming pool, skate pad, Rip Curl retail store, health and wellness center, and food offerings by Applejack, RAFI URBNSURF, and Sandy’s.

With an investment exceeding $75 million, URBNSURF Sydney is set to become a key player in the local economy, projected to contribute a net economic benefit of $250 million to the Sydney Olympic Park area over the next two decades.

Rip Curl will serve as URBNSURF Sydney’s exclusive retail partner, providing guests with access to apparel and technical equipment. URBNSURF Melbourne, which opened in 2020, quickly sold out, prompting guests to book early to secure their spot.

Session types: 

  • Surf & Boog in the Bays: The Bays offer a safe, gentle, rolling green and whitewater waves perfect for those who are learning to play in the waves. Our Surf in the Bays sessions are in The Bays, which is the area closest to the shore. Only softboards are allowed in The Bays. Wave height is between 0.5m-1.0m and surfers can get between 10-12 waves per session.

  • Learn To Surf lessons: URBNSURF Beginner Lessons are the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to take up surfing. You will learn safety techniques, basic surf etiquette, board control to keep yourself and others safe. URBNSURF takes you through all the important steps so you can get a strong understanding on how to get up and start surfing. Lessons are in the Bays where the white water is and the wave height is between 0.5m-1.0m and surfers can get between 10-12 waves per session.

  • Cruiser: This is for those who haven’t surfed in years, or your pop-up is 50/50. Those who actively look for smaller breaks where you won’t get in the way of other surfers and focus on improving your surfing. Offering fun, gentle pointbreak style waves at The Point, choose from surfing the right or left. Perfect for cruising on a longboard, mini-mal or fish! Height of the wave is 1.0m. Surfers in this session typically get 10-12 waves per surfer.

  • Progressive Turns: This is for those who may not have surfed much recently, or if you are starting to pop-up more consistently. You love smaller breaks and are in it for the good vibes and the improvement. The wave height is 1.0m. Surfers in this session typically get 10-12 waves per surfer.

  • Intermediate: This is for those who are focused on progression, might have been a while since your last surf. Those who don’t catch as many waves as others do at the main break and consider themselves going to other spots if it’s too busy or big. The wave height is between 1.0m – 1.5m and surfers typically get 10-12 waves per session.

  • Advanced turns: This is for those who surf the main break in their area as much as they can. Those who catch several waves a session and are comfortable in a variety of ocean conditions. The wave height is typically 1.6m-2.0m and surfers can get 10-12 waves a session.

  • Advanced: Those consistently at their main break, catching several waves a session, able to stick to late take-offs and have barreled before. Those comfortable in bigger conditions. This session offers a variety of high-octane turns and barrel settings. Guaranteed perfection on tap. The waves in this session are between 1.6-2.0m and surfers get 10-12 waves a session.

  • Expert Sessions: Those who love bigger conditions, can barrel and are always at their local surf break. This is the biggest, thickest and heavies barreling waves are typically between 1.6m-2.0m and thick. Waves per session, 18 per surfer. This session has much smaller crowds on each side of the point, with only 12 surfers per session.

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