Television: BL Blast Off Video Challenge sees heaps of wave pool entries

The BL Blast Off Video Challenge, led by 1988 world surfing champion Barton Lynch, showcases a variety of submissions from its young participants, featuring footage from both wave pools and local saltwater breaks. In this edition of WavePoolMag TV, we’ve curated a selection of clips from the event for your viewing pleasure.

At its essence, the competition is a four-week coaching program designed to uplift and instruct young surfers. 

 “We received over 250 videos, we have so far sent over 60 prize packs out to kids around the world and coached a couple hundred kids via their videos,” said Barton. The coaching was again a really strong component of the Blast Off and we want to thank our coaches Brad Gerlach, Philippe Malvaux, Beau Mitchell and BL for coaching every video submitted and the community for supporting and encouraging each other to achieve greater performance.

The BL Blast Off Video Challenge works like this: Participants are encouraged to share their best surfing moments, whether from a single maneuver or a series of waves. Videos must be no longer than one minute and can be shot at any time during 2023.

“So many of the kids at this event have been through the Blast Off program, so it is very rewarding to see the connections we have made,” said Barton. 

There’s been a growing trend in surf parks as the ideal training ground for young surfers to perfect their skills. In addition, parents like the safety of a closed facility with attentive lifeguards on duty. Many wave pools also feature amenities such as skate ramps and exercise areas – perfect complements to a day of training.

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