The Wave Bristol: A pioneering sustainable surf park in England

Along with Melbourne, this years-in-the-making-surf-park built in a sheep paddock in Jolly Ol’ England helped propel the world into modern-day wave pool euphoria. In just a few short years the park has evolved to become THE inclusive wave pool model and establish a blueprint for environmentally responsible venues everywhere.

WavePoolMag first visited the Wave in 2020. A lot has changed since then and we wanted to bring you an update video. So here it is, (Almost) All You Need To Know About The Wave.

Location: The Wave, situated in a former sheep paddock in England, is at the forefront of surf park development.

Wave Technology: Utilizes a 40-module Wavegarden Cove, generating left and right-hand waves with a central pier for observation.

Beginners: Start in whitewater bays with instructor guidance.

Intermediate to Expert: Progress to Point section for rolling, unbroken waves with various settings.

Special Programs: Includes adaptive surfing, women-only sessions, and bodyboarding events.

Sustainability: The park is powered by on-site solar panels, producing twice the energy it uses and contributing excess to the Bristol grid.

Access to Bristol: International flights to London, European flights to Bristol; car rental recommended in Bristol.

Accommodation: On-site safari tents offer a budget-friendly, group-friendly glamping option with basic kitchens and heating.

Board Hire: A wide selection of Firewire and other brands available, with knowledgeable staff and free foamies for sessions. They rent wetsuits as well and will make recommendations for the weather conditions.

Pricing: Varies by season and day. Discounts for annual local pass holders. Joining the Wave Community offers savings, such as a 50% discount on same-day second sessions.

Beginner sessions start at £39 ($46.80 USD).
Intermediate bodyboard sessions start at £50 ($60.00 USD).
Advanced to expert surf sessions range from £44 to £50 ($52.80 to $60.00 USD).
Lessons for beginners to intermediate range from £50 to £61 ($60.00 to $73.20 USD).