Television: Can’t wait for Melbourne

Video homage to patience and Urbnsurf’s full-size Wavegarden Cove…

Once upon a time there were posters of kittens suspended by their front paws with the words “hang in there baby.” There were several varieties and knock-offs but all were ubiquitous to school offices in the 1980s.

Wave pool enthusiasts are counting the days until Urbnsurf Melbourne is finished and the wait is, well, tougher than we thought.

At the office we keep checking our inbox for news, scanning Insta for images, hoping for signs of the new wave pool. Nothing. Yes there’s CEO Andrew Ross standing in a dirt pit describing what we WILL see and surf, but that doesn’t really help. We want our Urbnsurf Melbourne wave pool and we want it now!

Our business mentor told us a little motivational poster might help us through this dark period (and brighten up the office a bit too).

So from now until Urbnsurf Melbourne opens, our mantra is “Hang in there baby!” We’ll keep the poster up until the world’s first full-size Wavegarden Cove launches. In the meantime we made this video to tide us over.

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