Time to fill that wave pool in the Swiss Alps!

Alaïa Bay in the Swiss Alps announced they are nearing completion of their 8500m2 Wavegarden Cove surfing lagoon. The wave pool will be filled in December, concluding a five-year project to open the first commercial surf-focused wave pool in mainland Europe.

The first tests of the wave generating machinery will begin in January. During this phase, the settings will be fine-tuned to configure the 20 types of waves that will be on offer to the public.
“It is a crucial phase, as the calibration and testing phase is a technical challenge for our teams in weather conditions that we have never experienced before,” said Wavegarden’s creator Josema Odriozola. “This project represents a wonderful showcase for our company, as it is the fourth project to open to the public, after England, Australia and South Korea.” 
In parallel, the final work on the buildings will take place between December and February. Furnishings will be added to the 300m2 retail shore as well as the restaurant and surf school. 

 “Our teams have put a lot of enthusiasm into this project and we are thrilled to be able to keep the schedule as planned,” said Alaïa’s founder Adam Bonvin. “Despite the public health situation, which required the introduction of certain restrictions, there has been very little disruption to the construction and we can now reveal the dates for the next stages of the project.” 
In March, the site is planning to welcome its first surfers for exclusive test sessions, mostly for Alaïa Bay’s 60 staff members and 20 surf coaches to test ride the waves. Alaia also said that surf stars, local surfing associations, and partners will be invited to catch the inaugural waves,

Alaia Bay is also selling Early Surf Passes (check this link) which offer sessions from April to June 2021 before the official opening. Customers can book these sessions beginning in March. The park will offer five session levels: Beginner, Evolution, Intermediate and Advanced (level check required). Alaia will offer Expert sessions to surfers who meet certification.

Sessions at Alaia Bay are priced as follows and include equipment:

98,00CHF ($108) 1 Early Surf Pass session during the pre-opening period
499CHF ($550) 6 Early Surf Pass sessions during the pre-opening period

990CHF ($1090) 12 Early Surf Pass sessions during the pre-opening period

1960CHF ($2160) 24 Early Surf Pass sessions during the pre-opening period