Latest Surf Lakes footage wrapped into mini surf movie

A new mini-documentary peeks into the brief history of Surf Lakes with updates on Yeppoon’s favorite wave.

Occy, Dean Morrison, Mark Mathews, Luke Hynd and others guide viewers through the tweaks, updates, and changes founder Aaron Trevis, engineer Kit Sidwell and crew have made to the pool. None of the information is stop-the-presses earth-shattering, but the whole 13-minute affair is worth watching because Surf Lakes, notoriously stingy with surf footage, lets loose with several gigabytes of recent waves.

Directed by Talon Clemow, the film has moments where it feels a bit like an old surf video. The new footage is set to an aural carpet of cheesy rock riffs in one segment and even the title, “Pumped” hearkens back to the Billabong/Jack McCoy glory days.

It’s worth a watch as Surf Lakes remains the most elusive wave pool on the planet, and “Pumped” is as close as many of us will ever get to surfing there.