Update: Surf Lakes just pumped up the volume

Last month Surf Lakes announced that their 5 Waves R&D facility was back up and running for structural testing. At the time the company stated they had successfully run sets that push out four consecutive waves. Max wave face heights reached 1.8 meters or 6 feet.

Today on Instagram Surf Lakes aired photos of three-time world bodyboard champ Ben Player testing out the max setting at the wave pool.

“We are excited to share that the maximum target wave-face height of 2.4m (8ft) has been achieved!” Surf Lakes reported via Instagram. “The crew sent out world bodyboard champ @ben_player to test it all out.”

Wave height measurement on a slab is tricky. For example, an 8-foot Teahupo’o bomb pulls much more water across a reef than the same-sized wave at Lowers.

“A wave-face height of 2.4m was the theoretical safe maximum for the prototype, based on initial engineering calculations and CFD modelling. To achieve this in real world testing is a huge milestone for Surf Lakes, and a credit to our talented and committed team.”

The full-scale facility is in operation after the group made initial repairs, upgrades and improvements following a mixed launch last October. Surf Lakes promises a full update in the coming weeks.

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