USA looking very Surf Lakes friendly with the addition of Florida and Texas licenses

Surf Lakes is keeping busy in the lead-up to their Yeppoon tank going public. While inventor Aaron Trevis and crew file reams of paperwork for local approval, globally their licensing arm is securing new territories – much of it in the USA.

Surf Lakes said their ever-expanding global sales team has been fielding many inquiries and then determining which of those are the best potential licensee partners.

“With a dedicated focus on these inquiries, we always expected more sales to flow as has been seen particularly in the US,” the company said in a statement. “In recent weeks, thanks to the work of Bryan Gile, our Head of Sales in the region, we can announce the signing of two more Exclusive Territory Agreements.”

The two agreements are for locations in Tampa, Florida and also Dallas, Texas. The company said there is also an expectation that another ETA will be signed in the coming days.

Last month WavePoolMag reported that the company was scouting areas in North Texas for a new surf park. Dallas’ Edge Realty Partners was seeking locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for projects that will be using Surf Lakes technology. Developers are looking for sites ranging in size from 20 acres to 45 acres and hoping to secure land by 2021.

Surf Lakes recently launched their reduced-sized footprint Standard model with a view to targeting the beginner to intermediate surfing market. The new Surf Lakes model requires only two hectares (five acres) of land for construction. Therefore the design has the potential to be built in areas closer to higher population densities where larger landholdings may be limited. The Surf Lakes prototype in Yeppoon which was known as the “5 Waves” design is now known as the Surf Lakes XL model.

Surf lakes states they have raised over $25m to develop and refine their wave pool technology and are backed by more than 250 shareholders.