First Person: Follow a child’s surf lesson at Wave Park

Let’s step back from the all-glory-all-action momentum of wave pool performance and dial it back to the basics. We found this cool clip narrated by a kid who recently learned to surf at Wave Park. The unnamed narrator in this quick video walks us through the whole process of learning to surf in the world’s largest and newest public wave pool.

The first-person story shows us where check-in and where to change into your rental wetsuit. Then it’s time to head to the Surf Academy to run through the safety protocols with branded animated characters explaining water safety. Next up is learning the fundamentals of paddling and standing up before entering The Bay surfing areas of Wave Park.

“The water is shallow and kids can always touch the bottom, helping them feel comfortable as their confidence grows,” says Wavegarden. “And, as you’ll see, in their very first lesson they’ll be gliding across small slow-moving waves and having lots of fun.”

You can check out our guide to Wave Park South Korea or visit the wave pool’s homepage here.