Want to work at the Kelly Slater wave pool at Surf Abu Dhabi?

Staffing is underway at Surf Abu Dhabi as Modon Properties prepares its Kelly Slater wave pool for public debut.

Late last year Kelly dropped viral Instagram fodder with footage of his new wave pool. In this latest design, we saw not only the perfection of the advanced wave but also the emergence of softer waves courtesy of a new “W” shaped reef designed to accommodate more learner and intermediate surfers.

Surf Abu Dhabi is designed to inspire and cater to surfers of all skill levels, from beginners to elite,” the company said. “This innovative destination will offer a unique surfing experience, featuring the world’s longest ride, largest barrel, and highest man-made wave.”

And now it’s time to fill all those employee positions at Surf Abu Dhabi. Ever dream of working at a Kelly Slater Wave Pool? We’ve listed positions at the world’s most sought after surf park.

Surf Guide

The Surf Guide role, operating under the supervision of the Surf Team Lead & Manager, encompasses guiding guests through their surfing journey, enforcing safety protocols, and ensuring the overall welfare of visitors. A comprehensive understanding of wave system operations and lifeguard responsibilities, including emergency communication and response, is vital. Among the core duties of a Surf Guide are providing in-water guidance in line with the company’s surf guide program, facilitating video sessions post-surfing, and mastering water safety and rescue operations. The role requires enforcing facility rules, maintaining safety standards, and ensuring all operations are in line with established procedures and policies. Candidates are expected to possess 6-8 years of surfing experience, exhibit strong communication skills, and demonstrate the ability to offer surf lessons across all skill levels, fully incorporating the company’s training program.

Surf Coach

The Surf Coach position, under the guidance of the Lead Coach & Head Coach, is essential in providing a top-tier surfing experience and progression for guests at the facility. This role demands an expert level of coaching ability, capable of offering detailed critique and instruction across all surfing levels, from beginner to advanced. The Surf Coach is responsible for hosting video review sessions and delivering expert live coaching in the water. A deep knowledge of wave system operations, wave profiles, and lifeguard duties related to emergency situations is required. The Surf Coach is expected to provide advanced in-water coaching and video analysis, adhering to the company’s coaching program standards.

Water Safety Director

The Water Safety Director plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of both employees and guests at the surf facility. This position is tasked with overseeing all aspects of water safety and medical aid, managing the water safety team, and making critical decisions regarding water-related activities. With an expert level of knowledge in Wave System operations, the Water Safety Director is adept at leading and managing teams in both individual and group settings, especially during emergency situations, directing Lifeguards and Surf Guides to ensure swift and effective responses.

As well as the above job listings, Surf Abu Dhabi also has other positions listed on a wave pool job-dedicated website.