Wave pool business model flexes muscles with Surf Snowdonia’s latest

Surf Snowdonia hotel approval signals options in upcoming wave pool business models

Local authorities approved plans for a new 100-plus room hotel at Surf Snowdonia Adventure Parc. After some resistance, the wave pool got the nod from the Conwy Council planning committee.

Those opposed to the four-story hotel and activity center said the development would be too ‘urban’ in an area that sees a lot of nature tourism. Others claimed that the expansion would keep all tourist spent money within the same small area of Northern Wales.

Along with the hotel, Surf Snowdonia told the North West Place
 they plan to include a spa, slides, climbing walls, zip line, mountain bike track and an events space. These are all facilities to attract an audience beyond surfing and Surf Snowdonia will rebrand to Adventure Parc Snowdonia to reflect its broader offer,

Do wave pools need zip lines or water slides?

The first generation wave pools tended to be sideshows at family waterpark attractions . As an example, Typhoon Lagoon’s pool is surrounded by a web of water slides.

As Surf Snowdonia’s expansion further defines what a modern day family adventure park looks like, it poses the question for the next generation of wave pools as to which business model they will follow.

Kelly’s wave pool is a private, elite competition, training and industry VIP set up. Consequently, it doesn’t need a climbing wall or water slide. The American Wave Machines’ powered BSR Surf Resort is only one component to the BSR’s Cable Park.

It’s only the just-debuted Surf Lakes project in Yeppoon Australia that looks to be kitted out solely for a hardcore surfing public.

As wave pool projects pop up globally, it will interesting to see which model they develop as they address two important issues. First one is that core surfers are notoriously cheap on spending for a resource that’s free in the ocean. And the second is the movie theatre model.

Modern movie cinemas stay in business not because of the superbly written, directed and acted in films, but because the theatres profit handsomely from $7 half-gallon cups of soda.

As wave pools blossom, it will be interesting to see if they pursue the core surfer or the family adventure playground model like Snowdonia has.

Surf Snowdonia leads by example

The crew at Surf Snowdonia have launched several creative endeavors to attract visitors. This year saw the return of their UK Pro Surf Tour event as well as the launch of their extremely popular Jordy Smith visit to Surf Snowdonia.



They also host music events which feature a family rave, DJs and bands. The proposed hotel would help house the influx of visitors during these events. There are currently six hotels within a few miles of the pool with camping available at nearby Tal y Bont. The famous “glamping” pods of Surf Snowdonia will be relocated to accommodate the new growth. They hope to have the whole new project finished by 2020.

Surf Snowdonia stated on their website, “we’re closing early this season to accommodate our exciting expansion plans for 2019.” Surf Snowdonia will open again for business to the public in Spring 2019.

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