2022 WavePoolMag Gear Guide

Gear guides are fun. Everyone loves to window shop. That’s why there are so many product showcases sprinkled across the internet. At their worst, they are paeons to objects born of an unsustainable capitalist structure. At their best, they herald a sublime shift in surf culture and remind us that our current pair of boardshorts won’t survive another season. We’re focusing on the latter.

Why? Because surf gear has evolved. We have the practical (hello traction pads!) but we also have the impractical (yes, lubricated surfboard wipes were a thing briefly.) Some inventions collecting dust over the past decade, like nose guards, are seeing a resurgence thanks to the unique nature of surfing in a wave pool.

Basically, products rise to meet some kind of need that isn’t being met in the marketplace. What qualifies as a need can be anything from celebrating the Yoda-esque quotes of Turtle from The North Shore to riding state-of-the-art surfboards in a wave pool. Gear guides showcase these items. Plus they are a nice distraction from the weight of the world today.

So here we are, drawing inspiration from far-flung corners of our ever-evolving surf culture. Have a look at the companies and products mapping the future of wave pool gear.

Country Club Surf Club

CCSC boasts that they are the first apparel brand dedicated to the wave pool lifestyle – good or bad. We love their dedication and the whole Bro-Team concept the brand revolves around.

“We are just a few surfers that wanna get barreled, do some slashes and throw some tail! Whether your country club is at a wave pool or the local beach break, join us for good times and laughs through these times of monotony and seriousness. We welcome you to the Bro-Team!”

We’ve selected our three favorite tees from CCSC.

Tasty Waves Tee $26.95

country club surf club t-shirt

This shirt is a hilarious riff on Jeff Spicoli’s classic line from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. “All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine.”

Aloha Mr Hand Tee $26.95

One of the most complicated relationships in cinematic history was that between Jeff Spicoli and his teacher Mr. Hand. You can celebrate that dynamic with this Tee

Snake in the Glass Tee $26.95

The great thing about surfing in a wave pool is that there is no hassling, drop-ins or general surfer-to-surfer discontent. This shirt celebrates the crowd control of wave pools


The Listen2Turtle brand plays heavy on pop culture, and why not? The roots for wave pool surfing are firmly entrenched in those silly, cringy moments of a bygone era that still resonates with many of us. One needs to look no further than the ’80s classic “The North Shore.” In the film, Arizona surfer Rick Kane wins a wave pool contest and a ticket to Oahu complete with wildcard entry into the Pipe Masters. He fumbles his way through love and lineups guided by the sage insights of surf-bro Turtle, played by actor John Philbin. Why make a brand out of quotes from wave pool surfing’s favorite kitsch movie? Because the movie resonates with many of us on a deeper level. It’s the Citizen Kane of surf Hollywood.

Wave Pool Champ Belt Buckle $65.00 and up

listen2turtle belt buckle

“These buckles are UNREAL….and lucky for you…you don’t have to have radical cutbacks; be a bitchin’ wave pool champ; or fight with Rocky to have one of these one of-a-kind bronze surfer belt buckles in your possession. In the wise words of Rick’s random friend on a bike… “You are in there, Rick!” Don’t wait… these buckles will disappear faster than Ed Lusky’s offer for Rick to stay at his place…”

Custom bronze belt buckle
•Fixed Loop (for use with belts measuring 1.25” or under)
•Custom designed in the USA
•Cast/molded in the USA
•3.5″w x 2.5″h
•Navy Velour Case not included
•Wrapped in LISTEN Logo muslin bag

Listen Skateboards $56.00 and up

listen2turtle skate

“HOWZIT?! Welcome to LISTEN SKATE! STAY LOOSE …This is just the beginning! Shaped it, sanded it, gripped it!”

Listen Logo Skate Deck – standard popsicle shape deck from $56.00
• Unreal ’80s fish shape just like turtle might’ve had in his shop on The North Shore! This board is beautiful man, almost as good as one of Chandler’s. From $60.00
• Turtle Stripes Deck $56.00

Giant Check Beach Towel $40

“This GIANT CHECK Beach Towel might not buy you 500 dollars worth of tacos, but you WILL be the envy of everybody at the beach or the wave pool this summer!!!  What better way to celebrate the 30th anniversary, then to hold up this big boy proudly just like Rick did at the Arizona Wave Pool Championships in Palm Springs….ehhh.. we mean, Arizona!  Designed and MADE IN THE USA and ALMOST as good as Rick’s… Go ahead, Go freeze frame the awards ceremony and you’ll be impressed!!!  SURFUN!!”

  • Designed/Made in the USA
  • 100% Cotton Velour
  • 18 lb/dz
  • 35″ x 68″
  • A kiss from The Gorgeous Lisa, not included

URBNSURF Merchandise

URBNSURF have just launched its line of gear and apparel – an attractive collection of items celebrating Australia’s first wave pool.

URBNSURF Melbourne Infinity Hoodie $70.00

As the southern hemisphere dips into winter, keep warm with this fleece hoodie. URBNSURF on front left pocket and URBNSURF Infinity logo on back.

Fit: Regular fit, preshrunk to minimise shrinkage

Material: Mid weight, 290 GSM 80% cotton 20% polyester anti-pill fleece Pullover hood, raglan sleeves, kangaroo pocket, lined hood, tonal drawcord Sleeve cuff ribbing, URBNSURF Screen printed on left breast, Infinity logo screen printed on back centre.

URBNSURF Roary Long Sleeve Tee $50.00

Fit: Relaxed fit crew neck preshrunk to minimise shrinkage

Material: Heavy weight, 200 GSM, 100% carded cotton Easy tear-out label Cuffed Sleeves, wide neck ribbing, side seamed, shoulder to shoulder tape, double needle hems, URBNSURF Screen printed on left breast, Roary logo screen printed on back centre.

URBNSURF Stubby $9.00

Details: High density 5mm thick neoprene, Seam is taped on the outside and heat sealed, fits 375ml cans & stubby’s, URBNSURF Made in Melbourne design on front URBNSURF Logo on back


FoamLife was created by a collective of like-minded athletes, artists, and musicians who have grown up living a beach lifestyle. “We believe that a flip flop is more than just something that you put on your feet, we believe a life lived in flip flops is a life better lived. Slipping into a pair of flip flops just flicks on that feel good factor in us all. Our long term goal is to create simple, stylish, and sublimely comfortable products that don’t cost the earth.”

Foamlife Men’s TRAA-SC £27.99

Combining Sustainability and Style effortlessly, the FoamLife Traa-SC mixes street smart sneaker chic with Eco credibility.

• Sugarcane EVA ‘Soft to Step’ foam footbed
• Sugarcane EVA branded traction outsole
• Raised arch support for comfort
• Textured non-slip footbed
• Padded upper strap with debossed logo
• Branded woven label
• Lightweight
• PVC Free
• 100% Vegan friendly

Foamlife MULLY CORK £39.99

Made from our new Sugarcane EVA foam, the FoamLife “MULLY CORK” also features a natural cork top layer, a padded Hemp canvas strap and a super comfy toe post made from recycled plastic bottles. The ultimate in sustainable comfort. 

• Sugarcane EVA ‘Soft to Step’ foam with cork top layer
• Sugarcane EVA branded traction outsole
• Raised arch support for comfort
• Padded Hemp & Organic cotton canvas upper strap with embroidered logo
• Organic cotton lining on the upper strap
• Soft webbing toe post made from RPET (Recycled plastic bottles)
• Hemp & Organic cotton canvas printed label
• Lightweight
• PVC Free
• 100% Vegan friendly

FoamLife SELENE SLIDE £34.99

The FoamLife SELENE SLIDE women’s slider is simple and sleek with a subtle nod to your wild side. Essential Summer style that’s just perfect for letting your hair down, the perfect option for street to beach.

• Sugarcane EVA ‘Soft to Step’ foam footbed
• Sugarcane EVA branded traction outsole
• Raised arch support for comfort
• Textured non-slip footbed
• Padded faux fur upper strap
• Branded label on the upper strap
• Lightweight
• PVC Free
• 100% Vegan friendly

Firewire AWT

What is AWT – Artificial Wave Technology? These are boards that are built specifically for wave pools/parks and standing waves. AWT designs are built with reinforced parabolic wooden rails, wooden noise and tail blocks with carbon fiber reinforcement. The fin boxes have reinforced high-density inserts with carbon fiber reinforced lamination. Firewire AWT designs are available to rent, test or buy at many wave pools around the world.

AWT Sci-Fi Grom

The update to one of the most popular designs in surfing has arrived. The Sci-Fi 2.0 features a wide point forward of center, which allows the design to be ridden 1” shorter than its predecessor with more volume packed into shorter length. It also has a more pulled-in tail and rocker (similar to the Cymatic) giving the design greater range than the original, while still maintaining good small wave prowess.

AWT Seaside

Rob Machado says of the Seaside: “Just evolving the Go Fish to something new, really. The Go Fish goes fast and feels skatey and loose and I love it, and riding it for a couple years made me want to feel more high performance – more carves, tighter turns. So the Seaside is about refining… less area in the tail, narrowing the tips of the swallow, creating more curve and narrowing the nose. All elements for ripping while the Go Fish stays cruisey and fun.”

AWT Mashup

Gear AWT the mashup

Two minds combined. Rob Machado and Dan Mann have created the Mashup: A melding of each of their most popular designs; the Seaside and the Spitfire. Both board designers have spent time mixing and matching their favorite elements of each shape, and they’ve landed at something that goes fast in weak waves as well as a Seaside, and also drives vertically in good waves as well as the Spitfire. The Mashup is the ultimate groveler. And the ultimate everyday board as well.


One of the first removable fin systems innovators, the company sponsors many of the world’s best athletes including Kelly, Kolohe, Filipe, Mick Fanning and Sally Fitz. “With innovation at the heart of the brand, FCS has become a true leader in the surf hardware space with an unwavering commitment and desire to enhance the surfing experience, whether that’s in the water or the journey of getting there.”


The Performer template in Neo Glass Eco offers a balance of speed, flow and response and is suitable for all conditions. Constructed with 50% glass and bio-resin, the Neo Glass Eco Performer has a low impact construction with high impact performance that’s recommended for lighter more agile surfers. The Performer template in Neo Glass Eco offers a balance of speed, flow and response and is suitable for all conditions.


The Freedom Helix creates the perfect blend of weightlessness, strength and sustainability in a leash that’s one of a kind. Featuring a 6 ft cord made from natural bio-resin, the Helix ups the performance levels by being lighter and faster than anything you’ve experienced.


The new FCS Eco Traction marries the considered design of our popular T-3 traction with materials sourced from nature. Made from sugarcane-based bio-foam, the popular FCS T-3 traction pad has been reconstructed for sustainability with the same trusted performance you expect from the essential 3-piece grip.


Lunasurf is all about real people, real surfing and remembering to not lose track of why we all started – to have fun. Lunasurf Co-Founder and ambassador Ian Battrick collaborates on designs, tests and trusts all the Lunasurf Wetsuits, surfboard traction, full-grip, surfboard fins and leashes.

Lunasurf Line Groove Tailpad with 3 piece front pad

wave pool gear guide lunasurf

A super-grippy 3-piece tail pad and 3-piece front pad combo. The line groove is very comfortable and very easy to move your feet about for placement whether barefoot or in boots. Then the moment weight is applied to these pads, the traction from this grip is second to none. We have used a very subtle 4mm arch bar on the tailpad, making it a great choice for pad and arch lovers. The tail pad features a 25mm high, 45 degree kick with beveled edges to lock into. Circular and slit cut holes have been applied, to add traction whilst reducing weight a little further. The entire weight of this full grip set up at 200 grams will be lighter, cleaner, and grippier, than a board full of wax. With zero maintenance required, warm water, cold water, seawater, pool water, whatever, just grab your board and surf.

Lunasurf Front Pads £40.00

gear guide lunasurf front foot pads

All front foot pads (and tailpads) feature unique Lunasurf EVA foam density. Lunasurf says: “After testing EVA foam densities for years with our global ambassadors who have ridden in hugely varying climates. From bare-chested for months at a time in the tropical environment of Indonesia to always in boots and wetsuit in the baltic Arctic winter conditions of Iceland. With this feedback, we now have what we believe to be the most comfortable and grippiest traction for your boards.”

Lunasurf Tailpads £40.00

Gear guide lunasurf tailpads

All Lunasurf pads feature 3M® Adhesives. As surfers, we know that it’s a pain in the ass not to mention a waste of money when you have just gripped up a new board only to have the grip fall off after a couple of months. Which is why we only use the very strongest 3M® Adhesive on all our traction.

Tailpad Features

– 3 piece pad
– 25mm kick height, 45 to vert kick with beveled edges
– Subtle arch bar of 17cm x 4cm x 0.8cm
– Very strong adhesive(3M PSA)
– Line groove
– Unique Lunasurf EVA Foam Density
– 34cm long x 32cm widest point

Let’s Party Traction

Let’s Party Traction is a small company that is here to get you the best traction for your chosen surfcraft. From surfboards to skimboards we have you covered. Started by Steve Taylor, Let’s Party Traction is all about helping you enjoy what you love even more.

Blair Conklin Signature Tail Pad

wave pool gear let's party traction

The Blair Conklin Signature Tail Pad is perfect for any board, skim to wake to surf. Nobody rides a board like Blair, but this is the best shot you’ll have to coming close. Comfortable feel, optimal performance. It’s what we’re all about at Let’s Party! Enjoy 20% off your next order with us using WPM20 and start partying with us today.

Blair Conklin Signature Front Pad

wave pool gear let's party traction

The Blair Conklin Signature Front Pad is Blair Conklin’s brain-child. It was birthed through years of performing at the highest level of any human, animal, or living creature on the face of planet Earth. Nobody rides a board like Blair, but this is the best shot you’ll have to coming close. Nice and thin on the board to provide grip without creating a bulky mess, making little adjustments while riding a breeze.

Let’s Party! 5-panel hat

wave pool gear let's party traction hat

This unstructured 5-panel unstructured adjustable beach hat. Clean style, with our Let’s Party! logo stitched on in the hottest pink threads imaginable.• Aqua-Teal nylon unstructured 5 panel adjustable beach hat with hot pink lettering• Light nylon fabric, ultimate comfort• Get it wet, and watch it dry!

Sex sells, and this hat is sexy as heck. Let’s Party!


Drifties™ patent-pending, wetsuit-lined boardshorts were specifically designed for watersport performance. Utilizing neoprene has so many benefits beyond those thin compression liners, so you can perform at your best when you’re out on the water. After selling out 3x, we’re introducing Drifties 3.0 which includes laser-cut ventilation holes, a DWR coated outer shell with structured 4-way stretch, and an insanely soft neoprene liner. Say goodbye to chafing and go meet your moment!

Driftline Camo $89.00

driftline boardshorts

Specifically designed for watersports, Driftline’s patent-pending 0.5mm neoprene-lined boardshorts will provide the chafe protection and added warmth that you need while ripping in the water. Ideal for wave pools and surfing for hours on end, Drities 2-in-1 trunks give you the functionality of a wetsuit, with the modern look of a boardshort. 

Driftline Blue Slate $89.00

driftline boardshorts

Start boardshort season early & rock them ’till the fall with a 2-in-1 liner combo that we’ve all been waiting for. 0.5mm of neoprene lining provides cold water protection, keeping you warm and stylish at the same time.

Driftline Seafoam Green $89.00

driftline boardshorts

The liner stays comfortably in place, helping to prevent rash & chafing around the areas that matter most.

Wavy Ocean

Wavy Ocean is a reusable secure fit earplug protecting your ears from water and wind. Perfectly shaped for a secure fit and optimal comfort. Expertly made to protect your ears and let high-quality sound in. Designed for all seasons and extreme conditions.

Wavy Ocean reusable earplugs €39,95

surfer's ear and the ear plugs to help

1. Durable.
2. High-quality audio filters.
3. Secure fit ear sleeves along with various sizes of ear tips.

Product advantages:
1. Protected against harmful wind noise and water.
2. Keeping communication clear.
3. Designed for all-day comfort and secure fit.
CE tested & certified in the EU by a notified body.

In the box

– 2x Earplugs with high-quality 16dB audio filters.
– 1x Earplug storage pouch.
– 2x Grip ear sleeves.
– 1x Safety cord.
– 6x Waterproof interchangeable silicone ear tips sizes-small, medium, and large.

Nose Guards

In 1986 when surfers were getting blinded by the tips of their boards and surfboard manufacturers and shop owners were concerned about the injuries, the Original Nose Guard was invented. Designed to protect the surfer from nose tip injuries and also to protect the surfboard from dings, different Nose and Tail Guards were added to fit various sizes and shapes.

Nose Guard Kit (Assorted Colors)

Fun Shape Nose Guard Kit

Diamond Tip Kit (Assorted Colors)