Wave Pool Surfing Guide – All the places you can session today

These are surf-able wave pools ready to go. Today.

The Wave Pool Mag Surf Planner is a growing Wave Pool Surfing Guide listing all ride-able and soon-to-be-ride-able wave pool surfing locations across the globe.

This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need, including pricing and hours, so you can plan a totally new kind of surf trip.

Currently, there are ten wave pools in the world open to the public for surfing. We’ve listed them all here.

While the public is fed a steady diet of clips from the Wavegarden test facility in Spain, the Surf Loch facility in Palm Springs and Australia’s Surf Lakes test pools, these diamonds are off-limits to the humble public.

Fortunately, there’s an algae bloom of artificial wave machines ready to populate the globe. But until those open, here are the ones you can surf. Today.


The Wave – Bristol, UK

Surfing Bristol in February


The Lowdown: The Wave Bristol soft-launched in 2019 and is the UK’s first Wavegarden Cove. The facility is the flagship wave pool for an ambitious 10-waves-in-10-years project by the group
WavePool Construction Progress: Complete
Accessibility: Open
Type of wave(s): The Wavegarden Cove produces everything from gentle knee-high rollers to head-high slabs via their top-secret machinery. Waves available are beginner, intermediate, expert, expert plus and advanced.
Wave Generating Technology: Wavegarden Cove Technology
Surf Technical Information: Advanced waves run between 4-to-6 feet while intermediate waves stay in the 2-foot-range. Rides run between 12-15 seconds on each section of the wave pool
Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: The pool is open in Winter from 7am-8pm and surfing hours are from 8am to 3pm. Equinox months see 8am to 4pm pool hours for surfing. Summer surfing has greatly extended hours
Price Breakdown: £45 for a “just-under-an-hour” session for adults and £30 for groms. This covers intermediate to advanced surfers and all wetsuits. Board rental is £10. Beginner sessions come with lessons and start at -£55 per 55 minutes. The Wave has five levels for surfing: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Advanced Plus and Expert.
Waves per hour: 900 waves per hour

Check The Wave to book a session and find out all the details

Urbnsurf – Melbourne Australia

urbnsurf melbourne

The Lowdown: The first wave pool in Australia located 20 minutes outside of downtown Melbourne adjacent to the Melbourne Airport opened in January 2020
WavePool Construction Progress: Completed
Accessibility: Open to the public, all-ages
Type of wave(s): Everything from a killer ‘slab’ setting to gentle beginner rollers
Wave Generating Technology: Wavegarden Cove
Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 2-7 ft, Both left and right breaks, length of rides: beginner 8-10 seconds, intermediate/advanced 12-16 seconds
Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours At this time it’s seven days a week with the first surf slot kicking off at 6am and the last session logging in at 9pm. Note: Not all wave settings are available at all hours. Check schedule.
Price Breakdown: Between $59-79 for intermediate and advanced surfers and $25-$30 for beginner sessions. They also have memberships and punch cards for heavy users which helps bring the cost down.
Pool Structure: Concrete Pool with surrounding amenities including Three Ducks restaurant, bar and shop
Waves per hour: 900-1000 waves per hour. Surfers can plan on 10-12 waves per fully booked session.

Check here for more on the Melbourne pool at URBNSURF

Kelly Slater Surf Ranch – Lemoore California

The Lowdown: The world’s best surfer on the world’s best human-made wave captivated anyone who has ever surfed. Now owned by the WSL the perfection of the Surf Ranch is reserved for training, video clips, WSL contests and a few friends of the King. Private parties can rent out the ranch for the day
WavePool Construction Progress: Completed
Accessibility & Cost: Private, Professionals Only, Adults-only, Advanced Surfers, Donations for Surf Sessions, WSL Events, or paid ‘spectator’ admission to WSL events. High-season daily rental is around $55,000 while low-season costs are $33,000. 120 waves per booked 8-hour session translates to $450 per wave high season, $275 per wave low season.
Type of wave(s): Lefts and Rights, hollow with no interrupting sections
Wave Generating Technology: Kelly Slater Systems
Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 2-6 ft, Both Left and Right Breaks, Length of Wave: over 100 yards/meters, Hollow performance-oriented
Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Private By appointment only
Pool Structure: Manmade lake, formerly a waterskiing park
Waves per hour: 12-25 waves per hour.
Apparel: Fullsuit, Bikini, Boardshorts



BSR Cable Park – Waco, TX, USA

The Lowdown: The ‘It’ girl of the wave pool scene Summer 2018. The Surf Resort and BSR has starred in so many YouTube and Insta clips that it’s trapped the attention of anyone scrolling the #wavepool hashtag. So advanced and desireable is American Wave Machines’ PerfectSwell tech (the adjustments and possibility of wave combos is mind-boggling) that Stab hosts the “Stab High” wave pool contest here and they are booked out months in advance.

Accessibility: Open to the public, All-ages, Beginning surfer, Intermediate surfer, Advanced surfer, Reservations, waivers and showing up an hour before your session are required.
Wave Generating Technology: American Wave Machines PerfectSwell
Wave’s Technical Information: Both Left and Right Breaks, Length of Wave: 30-60 yards/meters, Semi-hollow to hollow and performance-oriented. 120 -160 waves per hour come in three-wave sets at between 1:10-1:30 apart. Waves are waist to head-high
Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: 11am to 7pm
Price Breakdown: Beginner Session $60 for one hour. Includes surfboard. Intermediate and longboard session $75. Expert Session $90 per hour. They also offer all day beach passes to hang out and watch the action at $20
Pool Structure: Concrete pool facility with sand added
Waves per hour: 120-160
Atmosphere: Barbecue and cable park vibes.
Apparel: Mostly boardshorts and bikinis. 3/2 fulls and spring suits for fall/winter
Other questions, call or text (254) 447-1194. More info on BSR Surf Resort



Surf Snowdonia – Vale of Conway UK

The Lowdown: The world’s first commercial wave pool with Wavegarden technology. The crew in Northern Wales took the plunge before anyone else and had to invent the whole wave pool business model from scratch. The result is a playground that feels like a weekend ski resort retreat, but much, much cooler. You can surf with resident pro Jo Dennison.

Accessibility: Open to the public, Adaptive Surfing (formerly Handicap Accessible), All-ages, Beginning surfer, Intermediate surfer, Advanced surfer, Coaching available, Lessons available, Surf Camps
Type of wave(s): Long, slowish left and right
Wave Generating Technology: Wavegarden Lagoon
Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 2-4 ft, Wave height: 4-6 ft, Both Left and Right Breaks, Length of Wave: over 100 yards/meters, Mushy (slow-breaking), Hollow performance-oriented, Adjustable
Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours and Prices Season is from March to December. Prices are listed for Peak and Off-Peak prices. Peak prices apply from Friday morning until Sunday 4pm, bank holidays and school holidays. Off-Peak prices apply at all other times (including Sunday from 4pm excl bank holidays). Beginner £35-£40, Intermediate £35-£45, Advanced £45-£50. Equipment rentals available from wetsuits to Firewire Surfboards.
Pool Structure: Manmade Lake
Waves per hour: 45 on average
Atmosphere: Quiet and relaxed. Family environment.
Apparel: Wetsuit 4/3, Wetsuit 3/2, Full suit, Spring suit, Gloves, Boots, Hoods
More Info on Surf Snowdonia

Siam Wavepark – Tenerife, Canary Islands

The Lowdown: The wave has been an Atlantic ocean secret spot hidden on an island of great natural surf. But it’s a solid destination for European wave pool hunters looking for something exotic in an already exotic location – the Canary Islands.

The pool has starred in a few surf videos, most notably a Volcom session with groms and rising UK star Lucy Campbell. But the most comprehensive clip that gives a real feel for the place is a Spanish bro-fest. The guys rented the pool and walk viewers through ten minutes of the Siam Park experience complete with high-fives and hoots. We’ve gone with the Euro QS team session at the Spanish park.

Accessibility: Reservation Process [email protected] or call 902 06 00 00
Wave Generating Technology: Murphy’s Wave’s
Technical Information: Fast right and left off a steep wall that backs off before a dumping closeout on the shallows.
Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Open all year but surfing by reservation
Price Breakdown: For surfing after regular business hours, must call or email: [email protected] or call 902 06 00 00. Prices estimated between $52.00-$880.00 – Kids under 6 free, special pricing kids 6-11, but not sure if that applies to surfing.
Pool Structure: Concrete Pool – Resort
Waves per hour: 60-90

Atmosphere: Family waterpark, but also a raving nightclub for private parties
Apparel: Spring suit, Bikini, Boardshorts
More Info at Siam Park



Sunway Lagoon – Bandar Sunway, Selangor, Malaysia

The Lowdown: The site of several early 2000’s party clips from the likes of STAB and Quiksilver. The park caters to surfing with special evening hour session once the swimmers have packed up and left but doesn’t have a landing page or contact for reserving a session.

Accessibility: Open to the public, all-ages
Type of wave (s): Combination lefts and rights in a slow crumbly fashion that pick up speed as they near the closeout in the shallows.
Wave Generating Technology: Murphy’s Wave’s
Technical Information: Wave height: 2-6 ft, Both left and right breaks, length of wave: under 30 yards/meters
Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Wave pool is open to surfing from 6pm-7pm weekends and holidays only.
Price Breakdown: Maximum 12 persons, minimum 5 persons. Prices unspecified. Email for details: [email protected]
Pool Structure: Concrete Pool – Resort
Waves per hour: 11-100 waves per hour
Atmosphere: Party like it’s 1999
More Info on Sunway Lagoon Website



Typhoon Lagoon – Orlando, Florida

The Lowdown: The pool generates roughly one 6-foot-wave every 90 seconds, a burgery right and left off the deep end that rushes into a closeout on the inside bar. (Be careful many reviewers complained of getting scraped on the pool bottom.) Typhoon Lagoon offers Surf School lessons and the water park can be rented out for private surfing.

Wave Pool Construction Progress: Completed in 1989
Accessibility: Open to paying public
Type of wave(s): Lefts and rights, fast on the takeoff with a sloping shoulder and an inside closeout.
Wave Generating Technology: Murphy’s Waves
Technical Information: 2.5 acres in size with 3 million gallons of water.
Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Open year round 10am-5pm but no surfing during those hours.
Price Breakdown: $165 for lessons. No price listed for free surf. Park admission is $65 for 1-day pass. There are surf lessons before the park opens and after it closes. Space is extremely limited but you can make surfing reservations online at the website link below. Each 3-hour session comes with 100 waves – broken into sets of 25. The renter gets to choose the wave settings.
Pool Structure: Beware of the surface of the pool bottom which has a textured, almost abrasive surface and acts like a chees grater if you scrape along the bottom (they recommend water shoes for visitors.)
Waves per hour: New wave every 90 seconds, or 40 waves per hour
Atmosphere: Family, Disney environment
Apparel: Spring suit, Bikini, Boardshorts
More Info at Typhoon Lagoon

Wadi Adventure – United Arab Emirates

The Lowdown: The wave made famous in Dion Agius’ “Electric Blue Heaven” clip is accessible and surf-able now. It’s a steep right or left off a wall that weakens a bit as it spreads out to centre pool.

Wave Generating Technology: Murphy’s Waves
Wave’s Technical Information: Fast right and left off a steep wall that backs off before a dumping closeout on the shallows.
Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: By reservation
Price Breakdown: $18 park entry then $48 for each one-hour surf session.
 Six surfers maximum per session. Each surfer gets about six waves in the 60 minute session that is split with half rights and half lefts.
 V.I.P. style – the wave pool is open only for you and your friends $460
 Private rental of the pool including personalised wave settings $400. Semi Private – private access to the advanced wave but not the near shore beginner waves $275.
Pool Structure: Concrete Pool
Waves per hour: 30 – 60 Waves per hour
Atmosphere: Family waterpark, but also raving nightclub for private parties
Apparel: Spring suit, Bikini, Boardshorts
More Info at Wadi Adventure

Roaring Lagoon – Sun City, South Africa

The Lowdown: Another beautiful Murphy’s Waves setup with rip-able rights and lefts. Clearly defined rates and access to the park for surfing are a bit dubious, but armed with basic park info and contact info, the surf eager should find easy access.

Accessibility: Open to the public, All-ages, Beginning surfer, Intermediate surfer, Advanced surfer
Type of wave(s): Combination
 rights and lefts
Wave Generating Technology: Murphy’s Waves
Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 2-4 ft,
Length of Wave: under 30 yards/meters
Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Summer: 09h00 – 18h00 Summer (September to April) Gates open at 09h00 and close at 17h00. Water features shut down at 17h30. Winter: 10h00 – 17h00 Winter (May to August) Gates open at 10h00 and close at 16h00. Water features shut down at 16h30. The Valley of Waves closes for a month between May and July for annual maintenance. The Valley of Waves may be closed or close early due to private functions on an ad-hoc basis.
Price Breakdown: Sun City Resort residents: Free. Adults R120 R160, Children (Ages 4–12 yrs) R70 R85, Senior Citizens R60 R65. No specific surfing information is available, but all the clips and Insta posts suggest the pool, like other wave pools worldwide, can be rented before and after swimmer hours.
Pool Structure: Concrete pool, resort

Waves per hour: Hydraulic Murphy’s system that generates 6-foot-high waves every 90 seconds
Atmosphere: Family environment
Apparel: Spring suit, Bikini, Boardshorts
More Info at Valley of the Waves

Bonus: Big Surf, Arizona

1969 surfing at Big Surf Arizona

The Lowdown: What the waves lack in quality the pool makes up for as an institutional landmark. The fictional character Rick Kane learned to surf here in the 1980s cult classic “The North Shore”. This was surfing’s first glance at wave pools. And while it never made a magazine cover, it stoked a crew of core area wave pool surfers with season passes.

WavePool Construction Progress: Completed

Wave Generating Technology: Big Surf

Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 2-4 ft, Both Left and Right Breaks after a giant closeout. Length of Wave: roughly 30 yards/meters. The wave comes through about every four minutes and riders are required to wait their turn.

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: May – September including some holidays. Surfing is open Mon-Sat 9-10am and 5-6pm with some Sundays.

Price Breakdown: $349.95 for a season surf pass. Price grants access to Waikiki Beach Wave Pool for each evening session. If you want the morning session it’ll set you back $5 for each surf (in addition to the season pass). Season surf pass available for ages 13 and up.

Atmosphere: Aging waterpark with family environmentApparel: Bikini, Boardshorts (Arizona summer temps are in the 100s almost each day.

More info on Big Surf including tickets available here

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