Wave pools & tech boards a staple for up-and-coming UK grom Lukas Skinner

Lukas Skinner is a 14-year-old up-and-coming talent who’s been fixed on Firewire’s Sci Fi 2.0 and Hydroshort in AWT construction. While the salted breaks around Cornwall are home, he and his dad, 11x European Longboard champion Ben Skinner, hit the wave pools of England as often as they can.

In Lukas’ latest clip he pushes Firewire’s AWT construction through the paces at The Wave in Bristol.

“The remarkable thing about Lukas’ surfing is the way it’s been able to progress at an uncommonly quick rate for a surfer from the U.K.” said Chris Grow of Firewire. “In part because of his father and in part because of his access to The Wave, as outlined in this clip.”

Top Image by Light Colour Sound. You can learn more about Firewire AWT at this link.

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