Wavegarden refines wave pool night surfing experience

Wave Pool Night Surfing means wading into the deep end with both shred sticks and glow sticks

One promise of the coming wave pool boom is how it will open up surfing for, you know, vampires… or at least partying European pros. While a goth surfing subculture is still a ways off, there are those among us ready to jump into the deepend waving glowsticks .

The minds at Wavegarden are at the forefront of night session developments. The artificial wave producers did further testing of their night lighting system during a summer heatwave. They invited European pros and partiers to their test facility deep in the Basque Country.

Wavegarden is further refining their offerings to prospective park operators and will no doubt be a leader of lighting night time sessions. Operators like this concept as they will be able to be open longer, and sell more aper-surf beers.

“Europe in the middle of a red hot summer… the sun, the surf, those endless nights!” the company stated in a press release. “The only trouble is, trying to find a wave just for yourself and a few friends can be tricky, and impossible after the sun has gone down. And then, après surf, a cool drink would be nice too… but the line at the beachside bar is even longer than in the water.”

For the clip European surf stars Joan Duru, Leo Fioravanti, Justin Becret, Vincent Duvignac Maud Le Car, Kauli Vaast and Pacha Light lit up the wave pool night surf session. Guests, investors, happy-to-be-here friends and a gaggle of groms enjoyed a barbecue and danced to DJ Mario Azurza.

As URBNSURF and The Wave Bristol have diggers going full tilt building their Wavegarden Coves, it will be interesting to see if how big a role night surfing plays in their operating hours.

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