World treated to Chinese mystery wave clip, details

Now we know its name. Shaky footage emerged today of that mysterious Chinese wave pool. And we’ve now learned its name, the Xing Feng Extreme Sports Center.

In the clip hosted by Hubsurfs TV, China’s favorite surfers Wang Jingwei and Huang Wei as well as a host of others, take to the wave on both short and longboards.

Through the jolted camera work, one thing becomes apparent. This new wave pool is ideal for longboarding. Wei Huang cross steps and drop knee turns his way along a peeling waist-high right. Huang, like all the surfers in the clip, stay close to the fence that guards the wave-making engine.

The wave, located in Anyang, Henan Province, debuted at the end of January this year. Shrouded in mystery with scant pieces of information, online forums lit up with speculation about the wave. It was so mysterious, some dubbed it the “Ghost Ship.”

What we’ve learned since is that the pool is reputed to be a $4million dollar project. This price is pretty low when compared to Surf Lakes and Wavegarden tech which starts pricing in the tens of millions.

Whereas the Surf Lakes plunger has an endearing steampunk appeal, this beast has a strong industrial port vibe. The machine itself is a big, ugly, lumbering foil with plenty of machine track and support.

Surfers in the video clip include:
Yang Jiarui (Former China team surfer)
Wang Jingwei (China Junior Surfing Championship 3rd Place)
Huang Moyu (China National Surfing Team Coach)
Huang Wei (4 time China Longboard Surfing Champion)

Xing Feng Extreme Sports Center wave pool, Anyang, Henan, China

• The Lowdown: Top secret wave pool debuted online late January of 2019
• WavePool Construction Progress: Completed
• Accessibility: For China’s best surfers at the moment
• Type of wave(s): At this point, it looks like small, Surf Snowdonia or NLand lefts and rights
• Wave Generating Technology: Totally new invention from China. Wavegarden Lagoon and Kelly Slater Wave Co style hull-drive. The locomotive on this is huge, but the wave is pretty small. Should increase in size with the velocity of engine-driver
• Wave’s Technical Information: The lagoon and wave driver are both very large.
• Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Unavailable, but we’ll keep you posted
• Price Breakdown: None yet
• Waves per hour: unknown

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