Watch Now: WavePoolMag discussion group digs into safety standards

We’re currently enjoying a phase of swift advancement and widespread growth, in both the creation and running of expansive dynamic wave venues and compact standing, or rapid wave facilities. Despite this expansion there are still no international safety standards for surf parks. Injuries and accidents not only impact individual venues but have negative consequences for the reputation and operation of the industry as a whole.

It’s a lot to navigate and safety guidelines aren’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor. What are wave pool operators doing to remedy the situation and where do we as an industry start?

The following panel discussion focusses on how surf parks can smoothly and efficiently meet safety standards on the local, national and international level.

WavePoolMag Friday Sessions is a series of thought leadership events for the wave pool industry. Each LIVE event is a round table discussion geared toward audience engagement. Have a surf park question? Join us as we speak with Marshall Myrman of FlowSurf, Wess Long of StarGuard ELITE and Shaun Hutchinson of URBNSURF to discuss surf park safety standards.

Marshall Myrman is a La Jolla local who worked for Tom Lochtefeld running the FlowRider sheet wave business and now heads FlowSurf as a division of WhiteWater. He’s involved with ASTM International (formerly The American Society for Testing and Materials), a group which formed in 1898 because train rails were breaking.

Shaun Hutchinson is Group Operations Manager at URBNSURF and has extensive experience in the water park business, both in Australia and the Middle East. URBNSURF have recently partnered with StarGuard ELITE to streamline safety protocols at their wave pools.

Wess Long is the President of StarGuard ELITE (SGE) a company that does safety training programs and provides advisory services to more than 350 clients worldwide. Additionally, Wess is very active throughout the industry and currently serves on the World Waterpark Association’s Board of Directors, the CMAHC Committee for Lifeguarding and Bather Supervision, the National Drowning Prevention Alliance’s Advisory Council.

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