America’s well-known and unknown wave pools

Ben Gravy takes us on a vloggy adventure through the States to list his top 5 wave pools…

The world’s favorite novelty surfer and blogger Ben Gravy gives us his list of America’s top 5 wave pools. Even with the glaring omission of NLand. we are tickled because we discover some new novelty gold, at a place in Indiana.

Splash house in Marion Indiana

Ben says they open the spot two or three nights a week for surfing. And while he admits the wave quality isn’t that great, it’s the number of waves that come through that make the Splash House fun.

“One of my favorite spots in Indiana because there’s a wave every 3 seconds as the machine drops, makes a wave, drops then makes a wave,” says the always-excited Gravy.

“This thing is super fun. I was jumping off the side. I was doing air-reverses off the side, Bomb drops. Everybody’s frothed out because there’s literally a wave every three seconds.”

Other highlights include an outlaw session at Arizona’s Big Surf.

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    Ben Gravy's top 5 wave pools in the United States of America

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