BSR confirms new water filtration system on track

Surf Resort also opens application process for new crew members…

BSR Cable Park confirmed this week that work on their massive new water filtration system is on schedule to be open in the spring.

“We are beyond stoked for our second season of surf,” BSR said. “We are currently on track to open up the waves in early-mid-March.”

The impetus for the water filtration system came after the tragic death of Fabrizio Stabile. The New Jersey surfer ingested the Naegleria fowleri amoeba through his nose. When this type of bacteria travels up the olfactory nerves into the brain, it embeds itself and begins to ingest brain matter.

It is very rare and virtually impossible to treat. N fowleri is ubiquitous and found in warm freshwater ponds and lakes throughout the world. Swallowing the Bactria does not harm the body, damage only occurs through the nose.

Bye Bye Blue Water

Shortly after Stabile’s death, the park’s owner Stuart Parsons committed to a massive filtration system to defeat the deadly microbe.

He said at the time, “I am announcing that we are going the extra mile and hiring a North Carolina firm to install a state-of-the-art filtration system to make our water as clear and clean as humanly possible.”

Parsons said BSR Surf Resort water quality would be improved with the installation of a filtration system. Areas being treated are the wave pool, lazy river and the Royal Flush slide. He also stated they are working closely with local, state and CDC officials.

With the update the park will lose its signature blueish dyed water.

Job Openings

In the same post the company also announced openings for surf guide/instructor positions and lifeguards.

“We are looking for lifeguards and guides with the right skillset to handle this kind of environment,” added BSR. “We aim to promote a super fun and family style work environment and project that attitude on to the customer. The customer service is legendary and being able to handle crowds is a big part of the experience.”

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