BSR Surf Resort says water quality meets safety standards

The BSR Surf Resort made an announcement today regarding their water quality. The Waco Texas wave pool stated that CDC water tests of their facilities have “come back clean”.

The statement did not specifically mention Naegleria fowleri, the brain-eating bacteria that caused the death of Fabrizio Stabile.

In the social media post BSR said their water met safety standards, and that the wave pool will install a new state-of-the-art-filtration system.

The company stated that their hearts go out to Stabile’s family and the surf community.

“First and foremost, on behalf of the entire staff at BSR Surf Resort, our hearts and prayers are with Fab Stabile’s family, friends, and the New Jersey surf community,” the company said. “A precious life has been lost, and we are deeply saddened for his loved ones.”

Public Health Officials Say “Indicators” Found

The Waco-McLennan County Public Health Office issued their final report, saying that Naegleria fowleri indicators were found in water samples taken from the park. In an interesting twist, none of the contaminated samples came from the wave pool known as the BSR Surf Resort.

“N.fowleri was identified in the Cable Park but not specifically found in the Surf Resort, Lazy River, or the Royal Flush on the day of sampling,” the Waco Health Department said.

“Although the N. fowleri was not detected in the Surf Resort, Lazy River, or the Royal Flush, the presence of fecal indicator organisms, high turbidity, low free chlorine levels, and other ameba that occur along with N. fowleri indicate conditions favorable for N. fowleri growth.”

The Waco Health Department reiterated that the BSR water venues known as the Surf Resort, Lazy River, and the Royal Flush are currently closed and will not re-open until all health and safety issues have been addressed and mitigated appropriately.

The department also stated that the Cable Park feature at BSR can remain open, as it poses no danger.

“The Cable Park may remain open to the general public because the risk of exposure to N. fowleri is considered the same as any other natural bodies of freshwater and is not amenable to treatment.”

Naegleria fowleri becomes a household name

The park’s owner Stuart Parsons stated that the maelstrom of media coverage in the wake of Stabile’s death will ultimately protect future freshwater users from the deadly microbe.

“Although comprehensive test results have now confirmed that the water at BSR Surf Resort meets every standard for safety, today I am announcing that we are going the extra mile and hiring a North Carolina firm to install a state-of-the-art filtration system to make our water as clear and clean as humanly possible.”

Parsons said BSR Surf Resort water quality will be improved with the installation of a filtration system to treat water. Areas being treated will be the wave pool, lazy river and the Royal Flush slide and will take until February to complete. He stated they are working closely with local, state and CDC officials.

“To be clear, it’s not just the guests that use the park. It’s also my family, our friends, and our employees that essentially live in our water. My two-year-old twins play on that beach, and – as kids do – they drink the water every time.”

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