Television: Air game training in BSR’s new water

Didier Piter coaches son and friends through Perfect Swell ramps

Uber-grom Sam Piter dialed in the BSR wave pool’s air section this week under the tutelage of his dad, former European champion and international surf coach, Didier.

The French grom sessioned with mates Noa Dupouy, Tiago Carrique and Max Michalewski in the newly filtrated water at BSR. The session was a cherry on the top of an American coaching tour through Southern California and then Texas.

While Sam’s home break of Hossegor dishes some of the best peaks found anywhere on earth, his dad tapped into the repeated predictability of a wave pool to coach the young crew.

“We chose BSR mainly for the aerial surfing possibilities and the frequency of the waves which allowed enough repetition to do some corrective coaching work,” said Didier. “I was amazed at the fast progression. As a surf coach this is totally next level.”

Didier said that in the end each surfer had about 150 identical air sections to practice and progress on.

SAM PITER #PoolParty from Sam PITER on Vimeo.

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