First surf footage of Surf Stadium Japan signals summer grand opening

New footage leaked this week of Surf Stadium Japan shows pro surfers Sara Wakita and Taichi Wakita enjoying wedge rights at the new Shizunami pool.

“A global pandemic, supply chain disruptions, quarantines, travel restrictions and 5500 miles of ocean could not stop us,” American Wave Machines said. “Thanks to help from Volcom, Sara Wakita and Taichi Wakita surfed the first PerfectSwell waves at Surf Stadium Japan…”

The waves for the surf session were controlled an ocean away via software and super-fast internet connection in San Diego where American Wave Machines is based.

Surf Stadium expects to open soon, but like all wave pools around the world has been dogged by COVID.

“This facility was scheduled to open this spring, but due to the influence of the new coronavirus the final adjustment of the artificial wave generator has not been completed, so the opening was postponed,” Surf Stadium says on their website. “Regarding the opening schedule, all the people concerned are working hard toward opening this summer. We are very sorry to everyone who is looking forward to the opening, Please wait for a while.”

Surf Stadium advised they cannot take reservations at this time. But once they do open, visitors will be able to fill out a client profile online and book e-tickets to the surf park.

“Membership registration is required to purchase tickets. If there is a vacancy on the day of the session, e-tickets will be sold to those who come directly to the facility. Please check that the status up to 23:59 the day before will be reflected online as the availability status on the day.”

Shizunami is a thriving surf town about four hours by car southeast of Tokyo. The bullet train from Tokyo central takes a little over two hours to nearby Shizuoka station. Surf Stadium Japan is also one of the world’s first surf parks close to an existing natural surfing location. The wave tub itself sits on a 2.4-acre site a stone’s throw from the Pacific ocean.

AMW says that Shizunami will demonstrate how high-performance surf can be achieved in urban, surf-centric, relatively smaller footprint locations, referred to by the company as “surf arenas.”

“By fitting the dynamic, powerful, and varied surf PerfectSwell provides onto a footprint less than half the size of anything similar, we’ve created a blueprint for a stand-alone urban surf park that is ready to roll out across the world,” said Mike Lopez, AWM Senior VP.